Vikings and 49ers-How even are these teams?

Its has been a while since i have been able to say this so let me take my time. . . .This is a huge statement game by the 49ers!  And the interesting part is that this is also a statement game by the Vikings.  These teams both have to prove that there 2-0 records are no fluke and that they will be a team to watch out for.  As I take a look at these teams from the outside in how even are they? 

Both are 2-0

Both have quarterbacks who just have to manage the game and hand the ball off.

Both can stop the run

Both can run the ball well

The differences between these two teams is that the Vikings have a slightly better offense and the 49ers have a slightly better defense.  I hope defense can win games for this point.  You have to like the Taylor Peterson show better then Gore Coffee.

Adrian Peterson is a better back then Frank Gore but I like Gore better as a receiver.

Vikings have a better O line

Vikings have a hall of fame quarterback

Vikings have better receivers and a talented player in Harvin. 

Maybe somebody can tell me a little more about the Vikings defense?  At this point I do not know much.  But I do know they have a talented Defensive line. 

Here goes the keys to the game in my opinion:

Adrian Peterson vs Patrick Willis:  I believe Willis will keep him contained.  If so Mark a W on our schedule.

Justin Smith vs Jared Allen:  Now I know these two wont play against eachother but which player will be able to keep the quarterback on his heels, you have to like Allen since the 49ers blitz is more on there linebackers but if Smith has a better game then Allen I believe we will win this game. 

Please oh Please be a breakout game for Shaun Hill!  Please Hill prove that you are a real quarterback and quit making me call you JT o Sullivan, get rid of the ball!  Thanks to JT O Sullivan I will be calling 49er quarterbacks that name everytime they hold the ball too long, get sacked or fumble for the rest of my life. 


Fantasy Watch:  Michael Crabtree 4 catches 43 yards 1 td in his first game of the season with limited reps, truly this is a fantasy.  GO 49ers!

We will win without ya Crabs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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