NFL Videos Week #3

I've been hanging around here long enough, it's about time I contributed something.  Ok, it's really next to nothing but technically next to nothing is a small bit of something.  In my defense, the word something is a purposely vague quantification to begin with so essentially you are getting what I promised, next to nothing but similarly something.

Without further promotion here are your NFL Video choices of the week:

49ers vs Vikings Previews

NFL Films Week 3: 49ers vs. Vikings Preview. Simple analysis, lots of team highlights and a bit of build up.  Ya, I love this stuff.

Here is Adrian Peterson reassuring fantasy owners about his upcoming match up against the stout the 49ers defense.  He says he's got it all figured out yet looks a bit uncomfortable when asked about Patrick Willis.

Speaking of Adrian Peterson vs Patrick Willis, NFL Network has it topping their Top 10 matchups for WeeK 3




49ers Week Cleanup

NFL Weekly Countdown #1: Gore's Historic Day  - Yep, a few good looks at Frank Gore's two best career runs against Seahawks last week.

Always a favorite of mine, 49ers vs Seahawk highlights as called by the team's radio announcers

49ers post game press conference videos featuring Singletary, Hill and the one man offense Frank Gore. Does anyone know what Coach Singletary is talking about at the beginning of his press conference?

Here is Mike Singletary's reaction when asked about the Michael Crabtree holdout.  Here is our Fooch - Dr. Lou Holtz Video of the Week, Mike Singletary's alternative reaction when is asked about the Michael Crabtree's holdout.


Free Fantasy Football Advice

Who doesn't love complaining about fantasy football performances?  NFL Network got this feature right, they hired a few stat geeks that never got a whiff of playing real football and now we get to watch them complain about players like you and me. However, they get a blonde.

Oh, the waiver wire!  Here is some advice leading up to Week 3

Talent vs. Matchup debate - You decide the winner?  Probably those who decided to skip this video.


Clip of the Week

I wish had Showtime because I love Inside the NFL.   Phil Sims versus Chris Collinsworth has become the premier rivalry of the NFL.  You'd think these two would get along but Sims is intent on becoming the alpha dog of football analyst and never backs down from an opportunity to punch Collinsworth in the mouth.

Anyways here is a clip provided by Showtime talking about NFL Pretenders


Andrew Davidson Mining your way to Fantasy Gold Teaser

Andrew assures me his weekly preview will be out shortly but knew people were getting itchy so he's provided me a teaser.

Dear Andrew,

My fantasy football team has struggled out of the gate.  I am 0-2 and have the 2nd lowest points total in the league at 164.7.  My roster isn't all bad, I have Philip Rivers and Maurice Jones-Drew but I worry that Jones-Drew isn't a one man offense and Jacksonville's receivers are horrible so teams aren't even bothering to cover them, not to mention the team is down 20 by half so they don't even run the ball.  Speaking of receiver trouble, Jason Campbell is killing my Santana Moss, T.O. is demanding Lee Evans footballs and well Roy Williams . . . do I need to explain?

~ Andrew Davidson

To Andrew,

No need to panic, there is plenty of football to be played. The natural instinct is to make dramatic roster changes to stem the tide. Give the season time. Those receives may not be producing now but they are getting rest while productive fantasy players are getting beat up on the field of play.  Play the injury bug and wait for success.  I've found it's best when another fantasy owner trash talks, like magic your team steps up and bad fortune sweeps across the league.  Good luck and hang in there!

- Andrew Davidson

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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