2005 roster - let's all feel better

I think it might be good to take a step back and appreciate how far we've come since 2005, Mike Nolan's first year and the overall level of talent on our roster now.

DT - Anthony Adams - Recorded 21 tackles in 9 games with the bears last season.

S - Mike Adams - Recorded 44 tackles and 2 picks last season with the browns.

WR/PR - Otis Amey - Lasted 11 games in the league.

S - Marques Anderson - Recorded 1 tackle in his last year in the league.

LG - David Baas - Then a rookie, now slated to start.

TE - Billy Bajema - Left this offseason for browner pastures as a ram.

RB - Kevan Barlow - played one more year with the Jets after being traded.

TE - Steve Bush - Recorded 3 receptions in his last year in the league.

S - Dwaine Carpenter - played in 2 games as a niner, 1 as a Ram that year, retired the next year.

DE - Andre Carter - Good player...for the Redskins

OT - Anthony Clement - Played in 14 games, started 16 each the next two season for the Jets before hanging up the spikes

K - Jose Cortez - Cut after missing his first field goal attempt, last year in the league.

QB - Ken Dorsey - Started 3 games for the Browns last year, remains un-signed

DE - Marques Douglas - Has recorded 2 tackles this preseason as a Jet.

S - Ben Emanuel - Only season he played in a game.

OT - Patrick Estes - Played in 8 career games, 7 that season; out of the league.

DT - Ronald Fields - Followed Nolan to Denver after several supremely underwhelming seasons.

RB - Frank Gore - Rookie year; was and remains the one of the best players on the roster.

DT - Travis Hall - Played in 16 games in his last year in the league.

OT - Kwame Harris - Remains unsigned this season.

C - Eric Heitmann - Was and is the best OL on roster.

FB - Chris Hetherington - Played in 3 games as a niner in 2006 before retiring.

RB - Maurice Hicks - Only recorded stat last year was a fumble, remains unsigned.

FB - Terry Jackson - Last year in league; to be fair, was a special teams ace.

LS - Brian Jennings - Was and is one of the best longsnappers in the league.

OT - Jonas Jennings - Finally released this offseason...remains unsigned...

CB - Derrick Johnson - Started 5 games as a rookie. Would play in 5 games total during the remainder of his career, for two teams the following season.

TE - Terry Jones - Last year in league.

P - Andy Lee - Was and is one of the best punters in the league.

S - Keith Lewis - Personal favorite, released this both the niners and the cards.

WR - Brandon Lloyd - Niner career quickly went sour, reunited with Nolan as a Bronco. Still has one of the best catches of all time...

WR - Rasheed Marshall - Converted college QB; career stat line in only season: 1 rush for -1 yards, 1 rec for -7 yards, 4 fumbles.

WR - Marcus Maxwell - On Bucs roster, 1 career reception.

LB - Jim Maxwell - On Bengals roster, 38 career tackles.

WR - Jason McAddley - 7 receptions in last year in the league.

CB - Willie Middlebrooks - played in 5 games in final year in the league.

LB - Brandon Moore - Still bouncing around the league; hasn't played in a game since playing in all 16 as a niner in 2007.

WR - Johnnie Morton - Good player...last year in the league...

K - Joe Nedney - First year with team, replacing Cortez, finally ended the revolving door at K.

C - Jeremy Newberry - Terrible knee issues ended once promising career.

S - Tony Parrish - Good player on his last legs, would only play 10 more career games.

OLB - Julian Peterson - Good player the Niners purged soon after.

QB - Cody Pickett - Endearing for his toughness but didn't see another snap after 2005. Never threw an NFL touchdown.

CB - Ahmed Plummer - Injuries cut short a once promising career, would play only 3 games before retiring.

OLB - Saleem Rasheed - Last year on the field in the NFL; retired a year later.

QB - Tim Rattay - Traded 4 games into the season to make way for Alex Smith. Only played in 8 more games.

CB - Kris Richard - The only game he played in in 2005 was his last game in the NFL.

CB - Mike Rumph - Started 3 games in 2005, traded to the Redskins and was out of the league a year later.

G - Justin Smiley- Good guard, signed with Dolphins last offseason.

QB - Alex Smith - We all our opinions on him...

LB - Corey Smith - Moved on to the Lions, passed away tragically in a boating accident this year.

LB - Derek Smith - Good player nearing the end of his career.

TE - Trent Smith - Made the roster again a year later but never saw game action in final year in the NFL.

OT - Adam Snyder - Won starting RT job during camp, possibly by default.

NT/DE - Isaac Sopoaga - Slated to start at LE this season.

CB - Shawtae Spencer - Former starter, attempting to comeback from torn ACL, will start season as 4th CB.

CB - Jeremy Thornburg - Played in two games for the Niners, 4 for the Packers and none for the Eagles in only year in the NFL.

CB - Bruce Thornton - Started 11 games in his second and last year in the NFL.

CB - B.J. Tucker - Would play in 10 games during 2005-2006 in his last two years in the NFL.

LB - Jeff Ulbrich - Still with team as valued (by some) backup and special teamer.

LB - Renauld Williams - Played in 5 games during 2005-2006 in last two years in the league.

LB - Jamie Winborne - Just cut by Falcons.

G - Tony Wragge - Still with team as valuable backup.

DT/DE - Bryant Young - Great player to end the list, we all miss him.


12 players remain 49ers, 10 players remain in the league on other teams' roster. However I may feel about this year's 53, I feel thankful.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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