Golden Nuggets: Could end up with an awesome practice squad..

So the roster cuts have been made, and everyone is in the same shoes right now. Not a single person on this site (I think) thinks that the 53 we can see now is the actual final 53. It'll be interesting to see what the 49ers do in the way of waivers and practice squad. Is the team actually content with two tight ends? Do they want to look for a backup offensive tackle? How about a starting offensive tackle? The Jaguars just released a pretty solid player, but he's another guy who only knows one language: money. Personally, I'm sick of talking nothing but money these days. (See Crabtree, Michael) but I digress... I should get straight to your links and get you caught up. So here 'goes.

Here's a list of the twenty players the team released for roster cuts yesterday. Noteable releases include Kory Sheets, Bear Pascoe and Brit Miller. (

Mike Singletary discusses the cuts and some of the players that were kept on the team. He doesn't seem to be hiding behind anything here, he's telling it how it is and I respect that. (

Among the themes and reasons certain players were kept, work ethic seems to be near the top of the list. (

The team should begin building its practice squad today, as they are now eligible to do so. (

Here's what the 53-man roster looks like as of the writing of these Nuggets. (

Previously disgruntled receiver Jason Hill seems to be glad to make the team. I'll admit I was one of those that kind of ignored him this offseason, but I am very glad to see him back. You all should know what a big step that is for me, considering my fan-boyish exploits of Dominique Zeigler, who didn't make the cut. (

The NFL doesn't intend to investigate Deion Sanders' claims that teams have contacted the Crabtree camp/the team about a trade for tampering. Say's that it is between the 49ers and Crabtree. (

A link I missed yesterday (shocking) concerning the readiness of the 49ers to be a great team this coming season. (

Not a 49ers link, but... Maybe it was a cash-in on desperation, but I really liked the On The Fringe thing they were doing over at and what not. Was really pulling for Coy Wire, and he came through. (

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