Whats wrong with the NFL playoffs?

Maybe I'm the only one who's having a problem with the NFL playoffs this year or maybe I'm going to be the only one speaking up about it, but is anybody else bored with the playoffs? Doesn't it feel like there is something missing? Competition maybe? An actual game? Fun? Excitement? 

If you just take a look at the games these past 2 weeks games, there's really been nothing to get excited about at all. There have only been 2 relative close games and 1 of those games had a score of 31 - 10. Does anybody else find that exciting at all? I wanna take a look at the first 8 games of the NFL playoffs and say when I stopped watching or even stopped caring.

Wild Card weekend
Jets @ Bengals: Roughly around the end of the 3rd QTR. The score was 21 - 7 and the ineptness of the Bengals offense was really starting to show. They were overmatched and it was really beginning to show. Even though scoring the first TD of the game, it was Jets domination after that. The game ended 24 - 14 and ...yeah.

Eagles @ Cowboys: Half time. It was 27 - 7 at halftime and the game wasn't even that close either. If Maclin didn't catch that pass from Vick or he through a Vick type pass, it was 27 - 0 or even worse. This game wasn't even close and was a bigger blow out then the week 17 game. This blowout win I guess was a preview to come as the home team blew out the away team in the next week. 34 - 14 win...pathetic.

Ravens @ Pats: End of the first QTR. It was 24 - 0 and the Pats looked bad. Like there is bad, there is Detroit Lions bad, but they looks Rams bad. They didn't have any passion or even want. Brady looked completely lost and their offensive line couldn't block anybody. The game ended up being 33 - 14 and it really wasn't that close anyway. 

Packers @ Cardinals: 31 - 10 Cards: Arguably the best game of the playoffs and probably will be the best one. After the Cards got the 31 - 10 lead, I just turned it off. After 3 what I would consider "blowouts" this game was leading that way. Only after did I get a phone call that I turned the game back on to watch the OT. This game might have been really exciting in the 2nd half but it was completely dominated in the first half. Cards won 51 - 45 on oddly a defensive play.

Divisional Weekend
Cardinals @ New Orleans: Halftime. At that time it was 35 - 14 and there wasn't any other reason to watch this game. New Orleans proved that they could move and down the field with ease. New Orleans defense was stopping the high powered offense of the Cards and honestly the game was really bad. Ending 45 - 14, its not exactly missing anything. 

Ravens @ Colts: Halftime. It was clear after the Colts went up 17 - 3 that this game didn't exactly have that firepower that was in the previous games, but the Colts played with the right type of attitude and easily shut down Flacco. Manning had another Manning game and honestly it wasn't as close as the score made it seem. The Colts dominated from the drop until I stopped watching. Nothing changed when it ended 20 - 3 either.

Dallas @ Minnesota: I can't actually say the time I stopped watching this game. It was sometime after halftime but I was always tempted to turn it off each time Suisham missed a FG. You could just tell that it wasn't going to be Dallas game and once the 4th QTR hit and the Vikings scored again, again, and again it was over. Minnesota was clearly the better team and this was the game I thought that Dallas could somehow sneak out a win. 34 - 3...yeah.

Jets @ Chargers: After the Shonn Greene run. That sort of sealed the deal IMO. The Chargers offense had looked flat most of the entire game (except for a couple drives that usually ended badly). The Chargers should have won this game had Nate Kaeding not missed his 3 FG's, but shit happens. This game did have another TD but it was too little too late. The game was good and I expected a defensive struggle, but I figured the Chargers would be on top.

Maybe it was just because my team wasn't in the playoffs. Maybe its because I had no actual interested in the 12 teams that made the playoffs, but to me, these playoffs have really struggled to keep even my attention. I'm usually watching Raider games most Sundays, so its not exactly like I haven't had practice watching crap, but these were really hard to watch for some reason. 

Anybody got some thoughts on these? Questions? Comments? Homerific comments that should be deleted before you post them?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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