Official NN FanPost: One More Season for Mr. Smith?

Fooch's Note: Whether you agree with the comments or not, this is a solid FanPost.  Now that the season is over, I think it's useful to have one FanPost for discussing Alex Smith at this point.  I'll have posts on Smith as we start reviewing the 2009 season, but for now I thought I'd label this as the official FanPost for Alex Smith discussion (I added the "Official" label to the title.  Feel free to rec this to keep it up top.  If you create a new Alex Smith FanPost that doesn't include an incredible amount of detail and is a new take on the subject (highly unlikely at this point), I'll delete your FanPost and email you the contents for you to post it in this thread.  Any questions, email me at

While the 2010 draft class is deep with QB's, next years crop looks to be just as plentiful. The Question here is, do the 49ers use a draft pick this year to try to find a QB to compete with Alex Smith, or do they give the man a full training camp and season as the starter, with out the hang-ups of the next guy peeking over his shoulder?



Not to say competition at any position is a bad thing, but my vote would be to not draft a QB. Alex Smith has played well enough to earn a chance to come back and improve on the foundation he has built. Going into the start of next years training camp he will be 26 years old and will have 4 NFL campaigns, and about 2.5 seasons worth of games under his hat. Also, for the first time in his career, he will have the same Offensive Coordinator returning.

Next years draft class, 2011, is just as rich with QB's as this year, so why not be patient and let Alex Smith grow one more season and develop into the player the 49ers thought they were getting when they used the  #1 pick back in 2005?

This reminds me of Drew Brees' final seasons in San Diego. He was not very good his first few years with the Chargers, they drafted Philip Rivers, and then boom, that next season Drew Brees starts his metamorphosis into one of the NFL's top QB's.  Before the Chargers realized what they had, the team had already commited to Philip Rivers (and I am not saying that is a bad thing), so they just let Drew Brees walk into free agency and then watch as he became a star QB on another team, after they had struggled with him through his growing pains.

Shaun Hill is a solid #2 QB, and Nate Davis is an interesting, but not yet ready, #3 QB. That leaves the 49ers with an adequate back up plan for next season and a developing player for the future, in the case of an Alex Smith injury or a terrible start. My question is, would it be wise to use their abundance of picks to fill the other problems with the roster (O/D line, DB, KR &  PR) and address the QB season after another year of examination, or draft a QB now and see what the competition shakes out?

What does the Niner Nation think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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