NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: 49ers Approaching Rock Bottom

As various websites released their Week 6 NFL Power Rankings, the 49ers continued their plunge, dropping an average of one spot in each ranking. In SB Nation's rankings, the 49ers currently sit 30th, which is a common ranking for them. Generally the only teams lower than them are the two other winless teams, the Buffalo Bills and the Carolina Panthers. With the 49ers and Panthers squaring off in a couple weeks, one team will likely (barring a tie), remove that Zero.

The Panthers game aside, the 49ers have just about hit rock bottom in the rankings. They certainly drop one or two more spots, but for the most part this Titanic has more or less hit the ocean floor. I've worked back some sense of optimism for this weekend's game against the Raiders so I suppose the 49ers can still suck all remaining optimism away. So hey, maybe we haven't hit rock bottom yet. Score one for us!

After the jump I've posted the various weekly power rankings for the NFC West and the averages...

ESPN - #30 (28) - Vernon Davis is (very) quietly on pace for 77 receptions and eight touchdown grabs.

  • Arizona - #24 (25)
  • Seattle - #27 (26)
  • St. Louis - #26 (24)

The Big Lead - #30 (30) - Hot Mess.  Someone tell the owner to shut his mouth, too.

  • Arizona -#28 (29)
  • Seattle - #27 (25)
  • St. Louis - 29 (23)

Fox Sports - #30 (29) - For a head coach who says he wants winners, Mike Singletary isn't exactly getting that from his players. While everyone wants to blame QB Alex Smith, those two fumbles from Frank Gore didn't help their cause against the Eagles last week.

  • Arizona - #18 (22)
  • Seattle - #24 (25)
  • St. Louis - #27 (23)

CBS Sports - #31 (30) - The team's president still thinks the 49ers will win the division. When? In the next 10 years?

  • Arizona - #21 (26)
  • Seattle - #27 (25)
  • St. Louis - #26 (24)

Pro Football Talk (via - #30 (29) - If Jed York is going to make reckless predictions, why not guarantee a Super Bowl win, too?

  • Arizona - #21 (27)
  • Seattle - #24 (25)
  • St. Louis - #23 (17)

NFL Fanhouse - #30 (30) - Now 0-5, the 49ers could be on the verge of making wholesale changes. It wouldn't be surprising to see San Francisco with both a new QB and new coach within the next few weeks, especially if it comes up short against Oakland and Carolina in its next two games.

  • Arizona - #20 (27)
  • Seattle - #23 (26)
  • St. Louis - #28 (13) - #25 (24)

  • Arizona - #31 (30)
  • Seattle - #22 (19)
  • St. Louis - #32 (28)

Average 49ers Ranking: 29.43 (28.57)
Average Cardinals Ranking
: 23.29 (26.57)
Average Seahawks Ranking: 24.86 (24.43)
Average Rams Ranking: 27.29 (21.71)

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