Golden Nuggets: Can't Control You Rabble

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here with your Nuggets for the day. Before we get into things, just a quick note that I'm rolling out some changes that you may or may not enjoy just to keep the Nuggets a bit more clean and organized to give you all you need in your mornings at Niners Nation. If you have any suggestions as to improvements or things I could feasibly include on a daily basis to help your experience along, please let me know on here, on Twitter, or at my email, which is in my profile. On days where it's relevant and there was enough discussion, I'll be breaking down the previous day on Twitter ("Ninerds On Twitter")

Beyond that, the NN Podcast is coming back, and on top of Smileyman and myself, I've went ahead and added someone else into the rotation. You can expect a postgame podcast on Monday morning. Let's hope it's a pleasant one and not just myself and Smileyman drunkenly swearing at one another.

I'm pretty surprised that out Battle of the Bay poll reflected that 60% of you really don't have any Bay Area bias or even any ill-will toward the Raiders. The win was the most important thing in all three options, I think, but I was surprised that people didn't generally hate them. I don't hate the Raiders anymore, since I've starting covering them for SBNBA, I actually enjoy reading about them, watching them, writing about them and I like it when they win. Side note, should I be surprised that the post regarding the Battle of the Bay had several instances of breaking site decorum in the comments? I can't control you rabble. On to your links.

Yahoo has their 49ers team report, and I've found it to be a pretty good catchup and summation of where things are coming from and where they're going. (

One of the biggest problems for this team, and I think it will continue to be one, is the predictability factor. Team's exploit the offensive lack of creativity and the defensive propensity for loosening up at the end of games. One of the worst though, is the predictability on first downs, which should, by all means, be the most important down. None of that third down nonsense, convert on first, you pansies. (

Sando takes a quick look at the NFC West quarterbacks. It's a shame how well Smith does in some aspects, while doing so badly in others. (

I hate how the general consensus regarding Alex Smith is "Uh, I'm not sure really." Good, then bad, then OK, then amazing, then fantastic, then terrible. Like, what do you do in that regard? I have no idea. I'm at a loss. Five of them. (

Here's an update and explanation of what went down with the 49ers practice squad in recent days. (

Is Jed York the "rat," that Mike Singletary goes on about? I don't think so, it's a pretty "out-there," statement to make. It's possible, though. I won't eliminate the possibility, but I think it just makes a good story. (

Why not go read up on Sando's latest chat wrap, always interesting and the like. (

How hilarious. Crabtree vs DHB is actually worth even mentioning? I don't think so. Oops, just did. (

The 49ers offense is improving under Mike Johnson in some key areas. If we can overcome certain deficiencies in scheme, it might make our personnel better than they appear to be. (

Johnson says that the offense is "evolving." I hope so, and I hope it's a good evolution, too. No drawbacks, OK guys? (

That evolution is a propensity to attack instead of complacency. I'll reserve judgement on that statement when we don't run on first down. (

It is nice, though, that third down no longer really is "The Play Before the Punt." Feels pretty darn good, in my opinion. (

Defense Draws From Experience. Let's hope it can help. (

The 49ers-Raiders rivalry doesn't really include the players, it's mostly a fan thing. I bet it's because they didn't scrimmage this offseason. (

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