2010 Preseason reminder, 49ers 28 - Raiders 24

Even though preseason success does not usually translate to regular season success (see 49ers 4-0 preseason and 0-5 regular season), the 49ers did beat the Raiders less than 2 months ago.  


I wonder if there are any stats available of team records in the regular season as a rematch from the preseason in the same season, depending if it was a win or loss in the preseason?


Well, even though the 49ers are somewhat different than they were 2 months ago (some of the coaches and players), majority of the teams are the same and here are some game notes that stand out from the first matchup. boxscore link



- Raiders scored after an 8 play, 81 yard drive to open up the game

- B.Gradkowski connected with L.Murphy for a 74 yards touchdown pass

- Raiders went 20 for 30 passing, 295 yards passing (not including sacks), 2 TD, 0 int

- 49ers A.Dixon struggled for only 69 yards on 21 carries (3.3 avg) 

- 49ers went 16 for 32, and 167 yards, 1 TD and 0 int, however, D.Carr struggled way more than A.Smith in those stats.

- Both teams combined for 18 penalties, 10 of which were by the 49ers.



- Frank Gore went up the middle for his first carry of the day, going for 49 yards.

- Overall, 49ers passing was not great aside from 2 of the long scoring TD drives, but A.Smith was decent finishing 9 of 15 for 113 yards, 1 TD, 0 int.

- With mostly back-ups in the game, 49ers had a 16 play, 80 yard, drive for TD to take the final lead towards the end of the 4th quarter.

- 49ers return game and coverage had tons of success, while Raiders return game and coverage failed. 49ers P.Adams had a 83 yd punt return for TD, with 2 other good punt returns for 11 and 22 yards. 49ers averaged 26 yards on 3 kick-off returns, including a 48 yarder by K.Jurovich. 

- Raiders returned 6 kickoffs for an average of 18 yards, with the longest being 21 yards.  3 punt returns went for 12 total yards.

- Willis and LaBoy got a sack, while the 49ers allowed 0 sacks.

- 49ers defense held raiders to 55 yards rushing on 19 carries (2.9 avg)



Anyone remember anything from the game that can't be found in the game stats?  

These stats don't mean too much but anyway it was the 49ers vs Raiders not long ago so I think these are more encouraging than discouraging to look at.  We need 1 win and then worry about the rest of the season, let's get it here and hopefully this is another reason to keep us optimistic atleast to come out on top this week.

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