A Proposal For Your Consideration

In light of the Niners 1-5 record, the uphill battle to even win the division after having such high expectations, and the ongoing issues with penalties and turnovers (which I attribute largely to poor coaching) and too-frequent confusion during games, I have decided to hire myself to replace Jed York.  After a good deal of thought, I have come to the following conclusions and decisions:

1.  The existing coaching staff is ill equiped to lead/direct this team to achieve their full capabilities.  I love Mike Singletary as a human being and I loved him as a great player; but, IMO being a good motivational leader is insufficient qualification to succeed as an NFL head coach.  I accept full blame for putting Mike into his current untenable position.  We must have a head coach with strong qualifications and experience on the offensive side of the ball, the strong ability to teach the game, and the knowledge to manage on-field issues without doubt or confusion.  Further, this individual must demand the same level of competence from all members of his coaching staff.

2.  While I would like to retain certain members of the current coaching staff (primarily Mike Solari, Ray Brown, Tom Rathman, Jerry Sullivan, Jim Tomsula, and Duane Carlisle) I think it only fair to allow a new head coach to select his own staff.  Accordingly, I will suggest that these coaches be considered for employment on the new coaching staff, the final decision will be that of the new head coach.

3.  I would like to see Trent Baalke continue to focus on personnel evaluation and selection; however, I feel the need to add an experienced General Manager, someone who can effectively oversee and coordinate the personnel, contract, and coaching activities of the team.  Ideally this individual would have experience in and/or appreciation for the Forty Niners history and tradition.

Accordingly, I have decided to relieve Mike Singletary of his head coaching position at the end of the current season -- regardless of the team's record for 2010.

Further, if he will accept the position, I have decided to hire Steve Young as our new Senior Vice President and General Manager.  After acquainting himself with the team's current circumstances, I have asked Steve to document his view of the appropriate criteria for evaluating head coaching candidates.  Once those criteria are finalized, I will ask Steve to develop a list of the best candidates that we should consider based upon those criteria.  While I reserve the right to provide input to this process, the final decision of selecting the new head coach will be Steve's.


Now, as avid fans and my consultants, what are your views of the decisions, process, and GM selection?


P.S.  If I were in Steve's chair, and if he would accept the position, I would seriously consider hiring Jim Harbaugh as our new head coach because he has all of the attributes that I would be looking for in a HC.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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