NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: 49ers Creepin...

It shouldn't surprise anybody that the 49ers gained a little bit of ground this week in the recently released power rankings. They actually gained about three spots on average. SB Nation released their own power rankings today and have them climbing from 30 to 29, but still behind the Raiders. I'd complain if the 49ers weren't 1-5. But when you're 1-5, any increase in ranking should really be sufficient.

At SB Nation they posted:

Yeah it's the Raiders but a win is a win. The 49ers are likely out of it but they also play in arguably the worst division. Eight wins could do it.

I think that just about sums up everything we need to say. It was an ugly win but there are no bad wins. They do play in a bad division. And eight wins would probably do it. Although, one could make arguments that the AFC West isn't a whole lot better Still a long way to go, but I don't know if how much better than the NFC West it is. Any thoughts?

After the jump I've posted the various weekly power rankings for the NFC West and the averages...

ESPN - #27 (30) - Baby steps, baby steps. Beat the Raiders one week, visit the winless Panthers the next.

  • Arizona - #18 (24)
  • Seattle - #23 (27)
  • St. Louis - #21 (26)

The Big Lead - #26 (30) - The 49ers begin their quest for the division title, but they should try to do so by flying under the radar for a while.

  • Arizona -#29 (28)
  • Seattle - #18 (27)
  • St. Louis - #24 (29)

Fox Sports - #27 (30) - Well, they found a team they could beat, but QB Alex Smith struggled mightily against the Raiders. At least he was able to muster a few good throws late to seal the victory. But at some point, you have to wonder how much longer head coach Mike Singletary will stick with him.

  • Arizona - #19 (18)
  • Seattle - #18 (24)
  • St. Louis - #17 (27)

CBS Sports - #28 (31) - They have just one victory, but in their weak division they still have a chance. Maybe team president John York isn't nuts.

  • Arizona - #20 (21)
  • Seattle - #23 (27)
  • St. Louis - #22 (26)

Pro Football Talk (via - #26 (30) - The presence of nine men during a field goal try wasn't a mistake.The goal was to make the Raiders laugh so hard that they wouldn't be able to block it.

  • Arizona - #21 (21)
  • Seattle - #18 (24)
  • St. Louis - #17 (23)

NFL Fanhouse - #29 (30) - Resting squarely on the hot seat, Mike Singletary managed to pull out a must-win game against Bay Area rival Oakland in Week 6. Was the victory a product of improved defensive play or the ineptitude of the Jason Campbell-led Raiders? Probably a little of both. San Francisco will look for another win this week against Carolina.

  • Arizona - #17 (20)
  • Seattle - #18 (23)
  • St. Louis - #24 (28) - #21 (25)

  • Arizona - #28 (31)
  • Seattle - #20 (22)
  • St. Louis - #25 (32)

Average 49ers Ranking: 26.29 (29.43)
Average Cardinals Ranking
: 21.71 (23.29)
Average Seahawks Ranking: 19.71 (24.86)
Average Rams Ranking: 21.43 (27.29)

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