Golden Nuggets: Drama Club

Drama, drama, drama. I feel like I'm in high school again, or more aptly, junior high school, considering the short time I actually spent in high school. No, I'm not a drop out. How could you assume such a thing? I think I'm rambling. Mostly because I don't want to talk about the 49ers right now, I don't want to face yet another dramatic moment as part of their rather large collapse. Every week something happens. Every week, the media takes a collective look at the 49ers, and then shares a collective laugh over a collective piece of food and drink that can be described as snobbish. Nothing came to mind immediately, London Niner could probably help me out on that one, I hear the English are ridiculously snobbish. I'm sure he'll provide some insight on that front. Um ... let's just get to your links, which are late, again. I'm awful.

S Michael Lewis wants off the team, and he's not shy about saying that. Like I said yesterday, I think it's a comical situation, actually. I find it funny how many people will buy into the things Lewis is saying. He's a player who is trying being eventually benched for a second-round draft pick, and he's upset. Happens all the time. (

Even more hilarity, Lewis's agent says that there is no way he returns to the 49ers to play this season. How about that? Lewis is stamping his feet like a flat-out baby right now. Am I being too mean? Hell no, I'm not being too mean. I'm being real. Real talk, kiddies. This guy's a jive turkey. My journalistic senses just flew right out the window and killed a small animal. Oh well, I'm angry. (

Hey, dudes! We have a game coming up, did you know that? I mean, we still have another full day of drama before that fact, but until then, how about a quick look at the points of the game? (

What does this latest episode mean for the 49ers? To me, it doesn't mean much at all save for the fact that a team leader is now gone. All it changes, the way I see it, is more negative press. That's it. (

Just like last week, Sam Lam had a Q&A with a fellow Examiner, this time with - you guessed it - their Atlanta Falcons examiner. (

Do you think these are desperate times? I think they are, but I don't really think that the Lewis situation adds to it. (

As I've noted, the most this does is change the perception of the 49ers when it all comes down to it. (

Still, though, it is a bad sign. It's a bad sign that we made headlines this week at all, and it's a bad sign that we had to do it twice. This team has its desperation showing. (

It's a very true statement to say that the 49ers fate is in the hands of offensive coordinator Mike Johnson. I don't know how that makes me feel. (

Teams Talk: Kyle Williams on the Atlanta Falcons. (

Here's an update from the scouting front, with Brunner's Blog. (

Shaun Smith was fined for grabbing Anthony Davis below the belt. Pardon, only a ten thousand dollar fine? I believe Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for a minimum of four games for such an offense. Way to be consistent, Roger. (

It's nice to think that Joe Nedney can keep doing what he's doing, but I just don't see it, I expect some slip-ups from him this season, which sucks. Still, at his age, he's still padding his record, which is good. (

Plenty coming today from your's truly, while Fooch is off at some wedding or something of that nature.

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