Raye vs Johnson: Stats Don't Lie

It has been more than 3 weeks since Jimmy Raye was fired as offensive coordinator, and Mike Johnson was brought in. And with the change, there have been some noticeable differences in some stats, for players and as a team. Raye called plays for the first 3 games of the season, and Johnson has called the previous 3. With that opportunity, lets take a look at some of the differences.


Vernon Davis:
(JR): 15 rec. 173 yards 11.5 avg. 0 td's
(MJ): 13 rec. 175 yards 13.4 avg. 3 td's
They look almost identical, but the dig difference is obviously the touchdowns. Davis has scored a touchdown in 3 straight games. We have to get him the ball more.

Michael Crabtree:
(JR): 6 rec. 81 yards 13.5 avg. 0 td's
(MJ): 18 rec. 220 yards 12.2 avg. 2 td's
A huge difference. He struggled with Raye, and is excelling without him. If he continues what he's done the last 3 games for the rest of the season, then expect him in the Pro Bowl.

Alex Smith:
(JR): 72/119 60% 732 yards 6.1 avg. 2 td's 5 int's 66.2 rating
(MJ): 62/104 59% 693 yards 6.6 avg. 6 td's 4 int's 82.7 rating
He's doing much better under Johnson. He's thrown more touchdowns and less interceptions, which is always a good thing.

Frank Gore:
(JR): 52 car. 193 yards 3.7 avg. 1 td
(MJ): 64 car. 278 yards 4.3 avg. 0 td's
He's done slightly better. If the line opens up holes for him then he could easily break more big ones.


Under Raye, the 49ers are 10 for 41 on third downs. 24 percent. With Johnson, the Niners have converted 21 of 42. 50 percent. Smith's rating on 3rd down with Raye, 31.6. With Johnson, 72.7. Crabtree has become Smith's favorite target on 3rd-downs with Johnson. He's completed 6 of 10 passes to him for 59 yards, with all completions resulting in first downs. Overall this year Davis has been throw to 11 times on third downs, catching 7 for 91 yards, and 5 first downs. With Raye the Niners have converted over 50 percent of their 3rd-downs once this season. With Johnson its been done twice. On 3rd and short with Raye we converted 7 out of 14 times. With Johnson we converted 11 of 19. On third and long, 1 of 8 with Raye, 2 of 6 with Johnson. Under Johnson we've converted 7 of 8 3rd downs with less then 2 yards to go. Under Raye, 4 of 8. Gore has ran for a first down 6 out of 8 times with Johnson. With Raye he converted only 1 of 3. And the biggest improvement with Johnson is when we've had a 3rd and 5-10 yards to go. Under Raye we converted only twice out of 19 chances(11%). And with Johnson, we've converted 8 of 17(47%).

Obviously there has been a huge upgrade with Mike Johnson calling plays. These numbers prove it. So how do you think Johnson has done so far? How much of an upgrade has he been? What are some plays you would like him to call sometimes? Should he come back next year?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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