The 2010 49ers are officially garbage.

This may be the most talented, under-achieving bad team I have ever seen. Ok, so maybe they aren't so talented. The offensive line is as horrible as ever. David Carr shows that Alex Smith truly wasn't the major issue with this team. The pass defense is pathetic. The pass blocking is pathetic. The receivers are rarely heads-up and looking for the ball.

You know how the 49ers philosophy always seemed to be focused on stopping the run and running the football effectively? Well, that doesn't matter if you can't pass block or stop the pass better than, say, terribly.

No more playoff thoughts. Singletary's job is likely going to be lost no matter what happens. They'll likely stick it out this season, but this very well could end up similar to Dennis Erickson's 2004 squad. The crime is how much more talent this football team has, but are they smart? They seem to only have a few smart players, when you normally need the majority of your players to be smart. The constant mistakes make me question their football intelligence.

But whatever. Does it matter anymore? I have been one of the few optimists, but I have officially given up. I'll simply casually watch their games for the rest of the year with little emotional investment. Being a 49ers fan this year is like buying a new house just before the real estate market crashed.

Blame whoever you want for this disaster, but in all reality, it is everyone's fault. Jed York, Mike Singletary, Greg Manusky, Jimmy Raye, Mike Johnson, Alex Smith, Offensive line, defensive backfield, receivers, special teams, whatever you want to blame, it will all have relevance because this team is NOT who we thought they were. We let everyone else off the hook.

Hey, at least we beat the Raiders.

Side Note: I hope Alex Smith's injury is not too severe. I would at least like to see this team make something semi-respectable out of this season, and David Carr certainly has proven to only magnify the problems. Indeed, it does get much worse than Alex Smith. He may not be "the solution," but this game confirms my thoughts that he was not the primary problem.

  • In a very desperate attempt to find something positive, I will point out that since Alex Smith got nearly booed off the field and benched against the Eagles, he has thrown 5 touchdown passes and thrown just 1 interception.

The 49ers of the last 7 years make me yearn for the days of glory like a lost family member. My God, this is terrible.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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