NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: 49ers Bringin Up The Rear...

As the season crumbles down around the 49ers, our very own SB Nation power rankings went where nobody else (at least in our normal rundown) dared go. They placed the 49ers squarely at the back of the pack as the #32 team in their NFL Power Rankings for Week 8:

Yeah the Bills are winless but the 49ers lost to the previously winless Panthers and now Alex Smith is down. The Bills may have competition for the No.1 pick.

One of the "perks" to seeing your team fall apart is that after a while many comments from the media turn to humor. If you can't enjoy the situation, you might as well laugh at it. Given this weekend's matchup between the 1-6 49ers and 2-5 Broncos, I have to say that I enjoy Florio's comment about the NFL hoping the English don't understand Roman Numerals. But really, my favorite comment from the power rankings would be from The Big Lead. It's simple, but speaks the truth:

London is not ready for Mike Singletary.

After the jump I've posted the various weekly power rankings for the NFC West and the averages...

ESPN - #31 (27) - 49ers put undefeated European record on the line vs. Broncos.

  • Arizona - #21 (18)
  • Seattle - #17 (23)
  • St. Louis - #20 (21)

The Big Lead - #30 (26) - London is not ready for Mike Singletary.

  • Arizona -#27 (29)
  • Seattle - #14 (18)
  • St. Louis - #24 (24)

Fox Sports - #31 (27) - This team continues to be a mess in most areas. You name it: offense, defense, coaching. They couldn't capitalize on their win against the visiting Raiders two weeks ago. I would expect either QB Alex Smith or head coach Mike Singletary to be gone next season based on what we've seen from this team in 2010.

  • Arizona - #20 (19)
  • Seattle - #13 (18)
  • St. Louis - #19 (17)

CBS Sports - #31 (28) - Mike Singletary said the playoffs are still possible? When, in a couple of years?

  • Arizona - #21 (20)
  • Seattle - #17 (23)
  • St. Louis - #22 (22)

Pro Football Talk (via - #30 (26) - With the 49ers hosting the Broncos in London on Sunday, the NFL can tout this as a game between teams that once met in a Super Bowl.  And then hope that the English can't figure out Roman numerals.

  • Arizona - #23 (21)
  • Seattle - #13 (18)
  • St. Louis - #20 (17)

NFL Fanhouse - #31 (29) - Unable to build momentum after a Week 6 win, Mike Singletary must be squarely on the hot seat in San Francisco. An offense with David Carr would be a disaster, and as the 49ers head across the pond for a London-based game against the Broncos, disaster looms in the distance.

  • Arizona - #19 (17)
  • Seattle - #16 (18)
  • St. Louis - #25 (24)

Average 49ers Ranking: 30.67 (26.29)
Average Cardinals Ranking: 21.83 (21.71)
Average Seahawks Ranking: 15.00 (19.71)
Average Rams Ranking: 21.67 (21.43)

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