Terrell Owens: Not in the top 100??

I was very recently outraged when I realized that Terrell Owens was not included in the NFL Networks "Top 100 Greatest Players of All Time" list.  I cannot fathom a legitimate reason as to why the #2 all time wide receiver in yards and #3 all time reception touchdowns isn't on the list.  It is pure and utter disrespect on the part of the panelists.

There are a total of four Wide Receivers that have been named.  They are:

65. Randy Moss

71. Paul Warfield

87. Crazylegs Hirsch

92. Michael Irvin

Now, there are only ten players left, and I think it's pretty safe to assume that only one of them will be a wide receiver..and that's Jerry Rice.  I'm just going to put him at number one because I couldn't see it any other way.

1. Jerry rice

So we have five wide receivers.  And before we go any further I would like to note that ALL five were first round draft picks.  Terrell Owens was drafted by the 9ers in the third round.  Well, you can't compare any WR ever to Jerry Rice, so lets not talk about him.  Also Paul Warfield and Crazylegs Hirsch played in a different era than TO, so lets cross them off.  So now we have Randy Moss and Michael Irvin.  These guys are the guys that we will compare to TO and see if it was fair to leave TO out of the top 100.

Years - Owens: 15; Moss: 13; Irvin: 12  ADVANTAGE: Owens.  15 years in the league and he's still looking pretty darn good.  222 yards a couple of weeks ago, and he's on pace for his tenth 1,000+ receiving yard season.

Games/Starts - Owens: 211/196; Moss: 193/186; Irvin: 159/124   ADVANTAGE: Moss.  Moss has started all but 7 games in his career, while Owens is out by 15.  Irvin didn't hardly play much his first three seasons.

Receptions - Owens: 1046; Moss: 947; Irvin: 750  ADVANTAGE: Owens.  Owens is fourth all time in receptions, behind Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, and Tim Brown.  Owens will likely finish his career at #2 in this category.

Receiving Yards - Owens: 15,515; Moss: 14,770; Irvin: 11,904  ADVANTAGE: Owens.  Number 2 all time in receiving yards.  Moss is unlikely to catch him in this category this season, as TO is outperforming him every week.

Touchdowns - Owens: 150 (147 receiving, 3 rushing); Moss: 153; Irvin: 65.  ADVANTAGE: Moss.  This is a really close one between Owens and Moss.  While Moss has two less years in the league than Owens, he still wins this category.  Although when three years with Tom Brady nets you 47 TD're going to have an advantage.

Why are we still talking about Michael Irvin again?  Oh yeah that's right...even though TO blows him out of the water in every single statistic, Irvin is still in the top 100 and TO is not.  Ridiculous.

I want to end by saying that Terrell Owens is every bit as talented as Randy Moss, and even more so than Michael Irvin.  And I want to take a stab at Moss by saying he has 15 fumbles to TO's 11, even though he's been in the league two less years to make them.

But the point of this is to find out what you guys think??  Does everybody else feel the way I do?  Do you guys hate TO so much that you don't care about his accomplishments and that he is in all reality one of the greatest wide receivers of all time?  Does his big mouth instantly take him out of the running for top 100?  I honestly think that if it's a contest of skill, lets look at the skill.  Post up with your thoughts please ^_^

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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