Oh what could have been.. the rest of the schedule

So, I'm pretty adamant in my opinion that the 49ers will not win the West ( oh if they had only pulled out at least 1 if not 2 of their 4 ridiculous losses ).

Since I'm sure the 49ers will win their way out of the Luck sweepstakes*, thought I'd take a look at what I can hope for going forward in terms of the division race.

Current Standings
Seahawks 4-2
Rams 4-4
Cardinals 3-3
49ers 2-6

Projected Standings for week 8 ( Cards and Seahawks losing )
Seahawks 4-3
Rams 4-4
Cardinals 3-4
49ers 2-6

Week 9 - Byes

Seahawks vs Giants - An interesting match up in Seattle, Giants coming off bye. I think it's a good match up for the Giants defensive line and would expect them to win. Edit: Side note, I do not ever root for a player to get injured, but the Giants pass rush vs the banged up Seattle LTs.. Hasselbeck going down for a stretch might be the rest of the division's best hope at overtaking them.

Cardinals @ Vikings - Really feels like the kind of game where the Cardinals get 3 interceptions and win by 1, but for the sake of argument we'll say Minnesota is better and wins.

Seahawks 4-4
Rams 4-4
Cardinals 3-5
49ers 2-6

Week 10 - Divisional Matchups

Seahawks at Cardinals - We'll obviously be rooting for Arizona in this match up, not just because Seattle would be in the division lead, but because the 49ers still have 2 games to control against the Cardinals. Still, I think Seattle wins just about every match up vs the Cardinals, and pulls this game out.

Rams @ 49ers - Both teams come off bye ( 49ers come off of London + Bye ), Rams haven't fared well on the road, but the 49ers haven't fared well anywhere. I think it'll come down to 1 or 2 drives in the 4th quarter, for the sake of projections being worthwhile I'll give the 49ers the win.

Seahawks 5-4
Rams 4-5
Cardinals 3-6
49ers 3-6

Week 11 - The Letdown

Cardinals @ Chiefs - KC is a better team at home, but hey, they just won a game they shouldn't have against the Bills at home. Regardless, KC should be big favorites in this game and it would be an upset if they lose.

Seahawks @ Saints - I think I'll have a better idea of NO after tonight's game, but I would still consider them better than Seattle. I do think this is going to be a toss-up type game though. I'm going to give the Saints the win as I will assume that in 3 weeks, their running game is working better with Bush back.

Falcons @ Rams - Upset special, I give the Rams the upper-hand here, back at home where they are thriving. The Falcons with another one of their hiccup games.

Bucs @ 49ers - After the 49ers big win against the Rams, and looking forward to their Monday night game against the Cardinals, they letdown here and play an uuuugly game. They have to win it to even be remotely alive, so I give them the win ( but I assume that if things reach this point, I will fear this game like I feared the game against Seattle last year )

Seahawks 5-5
Rams 5-5
49ers 4-6
Cardinals 3-7

Week 12 - Primetime

Cheifs @ Seahawks - Seattle at home, KC gets some of what its opponents face every week. Seattle takes it.

Rams @ Broncos - Rams pull it out on the road.

49ers @ Cardinals - I'm sure the folks at the NFL scheduling committee were expecting better things. The 49ers slug around in the first half, but win by double digits as the Cardinals deal with their dreadful QBs.

Seahawks 6-5
Rams 6-5
49ers 5-6
Cardinals 3-8

Week 13 - The Buzzsaw

49ers @ Packers - See Above.

Panthers @ Seahawks - Matt Moore in Seattle...

Rams @ Cardinals - Cardinals pull it together for a home victory.

Seahawks 7-5
Rams 6-6
49ers 5-7
Cardinals 4-8

Week 14 - A New  Hope

Rams @ Saints - Rams fall on the road.

Broncos @ Cardinals - The Broncos nightmare continues.

Seahawks @ 49ers - 49ers season mathematically on the line. For the sake of continuing this the 49ers pull out a squeeker ( Keep in mind at this point the 49ers will have gone 5-1 in a 6 game stretch, I do not think this team can do that, so.. you see why I think they are eliminated already ).

Seahawks 7-6
Rams 6-7
49ers 6-7
Cardinals 5-8

Week 15 - The Short Week Headache

49ers @ Chargers - On Thursday night the 49ers go against the Chargers at home. They give up multiple touchdowns in the first quarter and never make a game of it.

Cardinals @ Panthers - Cardinals defense feasts on Panthers QB errors.

Chiefs @ Rams - The Chiefs go into St. Louis and go home with a victory.

Falcons @ Seahawks - The Seahawks pull off a huge victory, but 49ers still mathematically alive as they have 1 division loss and the Seahawks have 2.

Seahawks 8-6
Rams 6-8
49ers 6-8
Cardinals 6-8

Week 16 - Oh If Only

At this point fans are at each other throats with cries of "if we had only" and "give Sing another season!"

Cowboys @ Cardinals - Cowboys finish off the Cardinals on Saturday

49ers @ Rams - 49ers win it late.

Bucs @ Seahawks - Seahawks clinch division title

Seahawks 9-6
49ers 7-8
Rams 6-9
Cardinals 6-9

Week 17 - The Winter is Eternal

Rams @ Seahawks - Seahawks rest some players and Rams pull out win.

Cardinals @ 49ers - 49ers continue their recent late season meaningless games success.

Seahawks 9-7
49ers 8-8
Rams 7-9
Cardinals 6-10

Another long off-season.

How do you think it will play out?

*-The Luck Sweepstakes, this just occurring to me but, would there be a worse case scenario than the Cowboys finishing badly enough to trade up and get him ( A Texas native ).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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