Fixing The 49ers Internally and Salvaging The 2010 Season. Possible?



The San Francisco 49ers are currently 0-4, this team appears to be in complete disarray, and for some reason players continue to drop like flies (Kentwan Balmer, Glen Coffee, and Michael Lewis), and our coaching staff has appeared to have lost it's functionality.


So How Do We Start?

I think that this began with the implementation of Taylor Mays into the starting lineup, and the release of Michael Lewis from the 53 man roster. If Michael Lewis was performing at a high level, the 49ers would not of had to bench him and start Mays. Am i wrong to assume this? Secondly, there is absolutely no reason to keep a player around who doesn't want to play for the team. It appears that Lewis was a selfish player that valued his 2011 free agent worth more than the 2010 San Francisco 49ers team. Before anyone attacks me for that comment, let me clarify that statement for a second. Most players do indeed value their contract, the majority of them more than they do the team. However, with this obvious ego trip Michael Lewis separated himself from the other 52 players. Vernon Davis would have played without a new contract, and if he wasn't getting it done, would have stuck with the team despite losing playing time. The same goes for Patrick Willis before his extension. The contract is always front and center for NFL players, afterall, it is their lively hood. However, Michael Lewis took it one step too far. Enter Taylor Mays, who stunned NFL football viewers on Sunday with a near dominating performance in the secondary. He looked like a 10 year vet, who can make plays that are usually reserved for the best of players. Last Sunday was his first NFL start, but i have a feeling we will be seeing him on the 49ers starting lineup for the better part of the next decade.

Exit Michael Lewis/ Enter Taylor Mays:  


Exit Manny Lawson/ Enter Travis LaBoy/Ahmad Brooks: Manny Lawson is a good NFL LB, in a 4-3 system. However, the "test" of him playing in a 3-4 system failed. He can cover the pass, and tackle in the run. However, this is not what we are asking from a 3-4 OLB. We need a player that is going to get to the QB on a consistant basis. Someone that may indeed be one dimensional, with that one dimension being being elite. I am not saying that either LaBoy or Brooks are the answers, but they are the best options we have internally. I say trade Manny Lawson before the deadline and get a mid round pick for him. Lawson still has value, because he is a good player in the right system


Exit Moran Norris/Enter Anyone Else: This sounds harsh, but Norris is a shell of his former self, and his former self wasn't all too great. I think we need to give Coulcrick, Byham, or even the much improved Anthony Dixon (blocking that is) and opportunity at FB. Besides, we don't need to have a FB in on a majority of the plays. I would like to see more Gore/Westbrook formations (more on that in a second). If we are seeing a FB in on only 40 percent of the plays i have no problem with Byham or Coulcrick holding that spot down. Release Moran Norris and yes piss Frank Gore off.


Exit One Back Set/ Enter Gore Westbrook Formations: Why not utilize your best offensive weapons on the field at the same time? both Gore and Westbrook can run, block, and receive. It makes much more sense to have them in the field more often together. Hell, it makes more sense to see Westbrook actually get more than two reps per game. I think that Singletary must use his power as head coach and get into the mind of Mike Johnson. The time has surely ended for sitting idle while our best offensive weapons are not being utilized in the game. It is obvious that our best offensive weapons are Frank Gore, Brian Westbrook, Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker, Michael Crabtree, and Josh Morgan (in no order). We need to see them on the field in a large majority of the plays, no matter the down and distance.


Exit Alex Smith/ Keep Alex Smith: I understand that this doesn't make much sense. However, if you read what i have to say you will understand. Alex Smith has not been good this season, no one can really question that. Those who defended Smith after the first couple of games (i was one), cannot defend the batted passes, and miscues in accuracy anymore. However, our offensive coordinator needs to put him in a better position to player better. Additionally, our receivers need to do their part in helping Smith progress as a QB. I am sick and tired of FOX announcers calling him a "young QB", that is not the case anymore. And those who support him, must be more harseh on him. Consequently, those who attack him, must understand the nuances of the game. A QB cannot be held accountable for routes run, players slipping, and dropped passes. This is not his fault. The Wide Receivers must understand that their pass route is just as important as the timing and projectory of the pass. Pointing one player out, Michael Crabtree, he simply doesn't understand this.Additionally, a QB must run the system he is most comfortable with, and Alex Smith (not to mention the rest of our skill players) run the shot gun, spread offense better. Even Frank Gore looked comfortable carrying the ball out of it recently. Michael Westbrook has a lot of experience in this due to his days with Villanova and the Eagles. You need to call the game that best suits your players, and the spread offense it just that for the 49ers. Alex Smith is our best option at QB right now. Anyone believing that David "cannot release the ball" Carr will work well behind an offensive line consisting of two rookies is sadly mistaken. The title of this thread is how to fix the 49ers internally during 2010 and replacing Smith with David Carr, Troy Smith or Nate Davis will not do that.,


These are just a few ideas that i have in regards to fixing the 49ers. I will also add a few more things. If the 49ers start 0-5 Mike Singletary should be concerned about his job. No coach that helms a team that had the expectations the 49ers did heading into 2010 can expect to have their job safe starting 0-5. Additionally, the 49ers, despite being 0-4, are only 2 games out of first place with just one divisional loss. The season is not over, but it must be fixed soon. What we have done in the first four weeks isn't working, but this doesn't mean it cannot be fixed. However, in order to win the division, you must actually win a football game and time is running out for the 2010 NFL season. We are a quarter of the way through and have not even won a football game. The firing of Jimmy Ray, release of Michael Lewis, and promotion to the starting lineup of Taylor Mays was a start, but it cannot end there.,

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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