Who Is Troy Smith? I Know Better Now

First of all, I want to thank LA49er for posting the Troy Smith Interview. I just listened to it and was so impressed by this young man. He's humble, confident, cool, smart, dedicated, and honest with his thoughts. I would be so proud to have him as our QBOTF.

I am going out on a limb right now and telling you this kid is really something special. Before you respond, good or bad, to my apparent lunacy, please click on the LA49er link and listen for yourself.Go ahead. I'll wait. . . .

We want a leader at QB, yes? Listen to his definition of what a leader is. You want to know why he hasn't been climbing up the depth chart on another team before he got here? Listen to what he had to overcome physically before he got here.

So today I see this Miaocco article about who to sign for next year, and he doesn't even put Troy Smith into the mix! And I can understand why. We don't know how he'll play on Sunday, and all that. Don't open yourself up for ridicule. Stick to the facts. Only commit to what you can prove. BAH HUMBUG! This is SPORTS for God's sake.

Now if I were to actually look forward, and not just look at what has already hit me in the face, I would have to add Troy Smith to the "important to re-sign for next year" list right now. Before it's too late. My instincts tell me this kid is going to be a starting QB somewhere next year, and I hope it's here. 

I know most of you are going to say what you've already said this week --  it's way too early to jump on the Troy Smith bandwagon. But I disagree. One of the best part of sports is to allow your imagination to take a leap of faith -- you find that young kid on your favorite team that your instinct tells you has something special, and you believe in him until he's either a super star or his star burns out in a ball of flames. I felt that way about Mickey Mantle when I was 5 years old. He was my hero and stayed my hero until the end. Then there was skinny little Joe Montana, and more recently the flame throwing hippie skater boi, Tim Lincecum. Were there busts along the way? Of course. I believed in "Billy O" during the Don Nelson era -- but he crashed and burned. And then there was Tommy Tresh. But I date myself.

My point is, I don't feel guilty or afraid of making this post about hope. Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Well then, this post is about imagination. We don't always have to be so serious and talk about the stats of the past on Niners Nation. We need some optimism and fun while we're sitting here at 2-6. Don't you think?

So BEFORE the Rams game, I am officially predicting Troy Smith is going to be great! And by Monday everyone is going to start to jump on the Troy Smith bandwagon. And I will be happy to see most of you jumping on over.

Why do I want this to be true? Because 1) He is our last best hope. I do NOT want to have to waste a high draft choice on some rookie QB. Won't we be just using the same hope and conjecturing on HIM, since you never know how a rookie QB is going to turn out? So why not use the same hope and optimism for Troy?  2) I never felt this way about Alex Smith. I am ecstatic to have a possible new hero emerging at QB and I admit that. 3) The kid deserves my support and optimism. Again, LISTEN to the interview.

Listen to what he says when asked if he needs to be a leader in the huddle after being the third string QB on a new team. Listen to what he said his favorite recent movie was! Or how he goes about practicing when he's not the starter. This is a guy I want on my team. This is a guy I don't mind taking a leap of faith with. He's going to be something special. That's my INSTINCT. My prediction. No stats back it up.

And I think he may just end up being the savior of the franchise (While I'm at it I may as well go all the way) -- IF we let him know soon enough that he's our QBOTF, and commit to SIGNING HIM to a long-term contract! Otherwise, he may be swooped away in the off season. Carolina? Seattle? How about the Vikings? There are plenty of predators out there if we are not smart enough to be pro active. Watch how great he plays in the Rams game Sunday and then you'll see we have a good problem on our hands, but a problem nonetheless: re-signing him. 

Miaocco, listen up -- your re-signing list may have been missing the most important guy.

How about joining the Troy Smith fan club today, BEFORE it becomes obvious to do so. It's so much more fun when you can say "I just had a feeling about the kid!" Take a chance. Leave caution to the wind, and stop throwing stats out there to defend the obvious point that we can't tell yet. Duh! I agree sports is about stats sometimes, but it's also about  instinct and imagination. Even when you're sober! Even if you're going to be a lawyer when you grow up. I forgive you. I believe you still have it in you to dream.

Listen to the Troy Smith interview, and if you too become a fan of this kid, then come on and join this post as an early and visionary member of the Troy Smith fan club. Don't just be an "Eeyore," and complain about all your past hopes that went bust! Like Alex Smith. Like Singletary as a head coach. It's a new day. And besides, you'll hear in this interview, that whether Troy lives up to our hopes and dreams or not, he deserves the best.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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