Official NN Fantasy Football Support Fanpost--Week 10 Edition

Well it's a bit late to post this, with the Thursday game already in the books.  But better late than never, I always say!

Week 10 features some tasty match-ups with huge fantasy potential: Texans-Jags and Lions-Bills could be some of the most exciting "Nobody-Stops-Anybody" match-ups of the season, even with Stafford out for the Lions (with an Alex Smith) and Aaron Kampman out for the Jags (torn ACL).  At least you'll be able to see the Texans-Jags game (unlike Lions-Bills game--which is blacked out!)

Other notable notables?

The New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, and Oakland Raiders are all out on a bye this week, so sit your Colstons, Gateses, McFaddens, Rodgerses, Jenningses, Breeses and Mathewses

Steve Smith (NYG) has a slightly torn pectoral muscle, so he's out this week.  Mario Manningham stands to benefit from his absence--in a game that the Giants really could run away with.

Vince Young may or may not start depending on the health of his knee.  He'll be a game time decision--though the dropoff with Kerry Collins probably isn't huge anyway (if you happen to be a Randy Moss owner like myself).

Percy Harvin has been upgraded from doubtful to questionable, but he's still someone you want to monitor, since he's basically been a Fantasy Beast since Randy Moss came to town--and even last week after Moss left.

Owen Daniels is out, which means that Joel Dreesen may be a good add if you're looking for a sleeper at TE, since, as I mentioned before, the Jags are playing in the Nobody-Stops-Anybody-Bowl.

Austin Collie is out after suffering a concussion, which, while obviously terrible for him, should not have yielded the 'unnecessary roughness' penalty that it did last week.  Should've been a catch, a fumble, and a recovery by the Eagles.  Collie's had some bad luck this season with injuries.

Stephen Gostkowski is out with a thigh muscle tear and may not play the rest of the season.  The Flying Elvii have replaced him with Shayne Graham, who may not be a bad guy to add, since the Steelers are one of those teams that tend to bend defensively while still keeping teams out of the end zone.  That is, if they don't knock you out first.  The Sunday-Night game actually looks to be a great matchup: two good teams going head-to-head (whaat?  I just got fined?!), and the Pats coming off an embarrassing loss.

DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are both out, the former with a foot injury and the latter with a concussion.  Mike Goodson is probably the pickup you want if you want a crappy running back on a terrible team.  Actually you probably want the Buccaneers' defense, especially if your league gives out low yardage allowed bonuses: last week I had the Saints' defense and they gave me 26 points (!) because they held Carolina to 3 points and only 195 yards.  Gimmick Rules--one of the great pleasures of Fantasy Football!

Joseph Addai is out with a nerve issue in his shoulder.  Mike Hart is out too, so "Dammit" Donald Brown is probably the Colts running back you want.

Heath Miller is out for reasons unknown to man.

Finally, Chad Henne has been benched in favor of Chad Pennington.  This probably actually helps the Miami running game (which has been anemic), and Brandon Marshall, who thrives after the catch--that is, when he gets the ball thrown to him in stride.

You can keep up with all the injury updates at ESPN's injuries page, which you can access here.

Now to the poll: I need some running back help, and the pickings are slim.  The guy I'm targeting is Pierre Thomas despite the fact that he's been injured for what seems like forever--because the Saints' offense is heating up, and they will need to run the ball down the stretch, and because their schedule is pretty soft.  I have a bunch of Wide Receivers--too many in fact that I could offer in trade.  Who should I offer?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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