An Assessment of Yesterday's Rams/Niners Game

A win is a win is a win!  But let's look a little deeper:

First, the Good ...

  • Improvement in play-calling: Johnson gets more creative each week.  Yea!
  • 421 net yards of offense -- 7.1 yards per offensive play
  • Troy Smith -- 61% completions for 356 yards, 0 interceptions, 21 yards per completion
  • Frank Gore -- 154 total yards: 87 yards rushing, 67 yards receiving
  • Defense -- got THREE sacks
  • Justin Smith (what's new?) and Manny Lawson
  • Nice to see Phillip Adams playing some corner (even if at the expense of James' injury)
  • Nedney -- 3 for 3 on field goal attempts; one for 47 yards
  • Kickoff coverage team -- allowed Rams only 15-yard average on KO returns

Next, the Bad ...

  • Inappropriate time-outs:  the Niners CONTINUE to call unnecessary time-outs because of poor organization or execution; thus, with the ball near mid-field and 19 seconds left before halftime, the offense had NO time-outs to work with
  • Offense -- 0 for 11 on 3rd down conversion opportunities!
  • Thus, Andy Lee having to punt EIGHT times
  • Offensive line -- giving up FIVE sacks for a total of 33 yards lost!  Basically the Rams' D-line outplayed the Niners' O-line all day long!
  • To top it off, allowing Michael Lewis to get a sack
  • Anthony Davis -- still a revolving door; Chris Long continually beat him like a drum  (Question:  Why is it that the other rookie tackles in the league seem to be improving since the beginning of the season but Davis hasn't?)
  • Offense -- continuing to give Westbrook, Dixon and Zeigler virtually no opportunities
  • Defense -- allowed 22 first downs ... to the Rams
  • Defense -- will they EVER learn how to defend the screen pass appropriately?  Apparently not!
  • Goldson -- I wish that I understood why his play has dropped off so badly; injuries alone?
  • Punting team -- allowed a partial punt block
  • Ginn -- in general as a receiver and specifically in KO returns -- 3 for average of 14 yards; on punt returns he either fair-caught or made poor decisions not to catch -- 0 punt returns
  • Nedney -- most of his kickoffs were very short; on the flip side, the KO coverage team redeamed him by allowing the Rams only a 15-yard average on KO returns
  • Punt coverage team -- allowed 11-yard average punt return

Finally, the Ugly ...

  • THREE touchdowns and an interception called back by penalties!
  • Speaking of penalties -- 14 penalties for 105 yards!  And, they were NOT all ticky-tacky fouls.  (The
    Niners now rank #3 in the entire NFL in number of penalties and are tied (with Detroit) in ranking #2 in total penalty yards!! Yikes!  They are net getting better "going forward", they are getting worse!  What the hell does that say about the coaching staff?)
  • Being called for a delay-of-game penalty on the opponents' 2 yard line!  Yikes!!
  • Staley breaking his leg;  how about the idea of giving Boone an opportunity?  Why not?
  • I get SICK of watching Singletary bitching at the officials -- as if it were wholly their fault that his team commited the infractions.  By the way, it almost seems funny to see Singletary accusing someone else of being incompetent.

On to the Tampa Bay Bucs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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