Golden Nuggets: Well, That's Nice

I don't know that I can feasibly provide you with some tangible 49ers discussion this day. I don't take many days off, I subject the core of you to my incomprehensible rantings on a daily basis and you love me for it. Or maybe you just "like me like me," for it, either way, I sat here for five minutes trying to think of something 49ers-related to discuss, and all I came up with was ... absolutely nothing. I've got the Giants on my mind, the sweet, torturous Giants. I know some of you are A's fans and you despise the Giants, but hey, I don't claim to be unbiased about anything. I'm just pretty stoked.

We do have a lot for you though, today. I continue looking at outside linebackers, I may break down some film as per some request, Tre9er has something or other today as well. Not sure what we've got on the linkage front so I'll discover along with you as far as that goes. Let's just get into it right now folks, onward.

One player who deserves props for his play against the Broncos is Manny Lawson. By my count, that's two "great," games with no really bad games this season. Lawson just keeps hanging around, doesn't he? (

Bad news for the 49ers: center Eric Heitmann was placed on injured reserve yesterday. I guess things are more serious than we previously thought. He'd been our best offensive lineman for a few seasons now, shame to see him go down. The team claimed Thaddeus Gibson from waivers, he's an outside linebacker. (Barrows)

Maiocco has some random notes from London he threw up before watching the Giants game/flying back to the 'States. (

Kevin Lynch has a crazy thought in this post about Troy Smith proving him wrong. Can you spot it? (

It's pretty crazy how little faith they had in Troy Smith and his arm. It seems like the first three quarters were just a big, fat practice to confirm that he has the long lost art of "the handoff," down. (

Could the 49ers claim Randy Moss, since he was released by the Vikings? I don't believe they would, not even a little bit. (

Not many links today, folks. Everyone is either watching the Giants or flying home from London.

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