Compiling future free-agent targets, Opinions, Information, Thoughts, and Ideas wanted

Of course the 9ers usually don't go after the higher profile players, but I am including some higher profile players and some players who could be used as complimentary pieces as well. I'm basing these positions by the areas of improvements (that I see) that our beloved team needs the most. excluding the coaching positions lol.

QB - ? The draft might be the most likely situation but who do you see us grabbing in the upcoming free agent period.......Maybe (One of Kolb or Vick), Thigpen, Collins, Wallace, M.Hasselback, Orton, Gradkowski, D. Dixon or  Resign T.Smith?


FB - ? Heath Evans, Vonte Leach, Ahmard Hall, N. Tahi, or beastly Le'ron McClain?


WR - ? Rice, Steve Smith (NY), Santonio Holmes, Driver, Sims-Walker, Breaston, Davone Bess,


D-LINE ? Ray Edwards. Kullen Jenkins, Kiwanuka, B. Mebane, Ngata, will def. get resigned by Baltimore, but god would I love to see him as a 9er, he's a complete mauling beast, or Resign Franklin 

LB ? Ruud , Kirk Morrison, David Harris, Merriman, Antwan Barnes, Tavares Gooden, injury riddled Thomas Davis, Clint Session, Derrick Johnson, Ernie Sims, Hali, or Lamar Woodley would be absolutely intrueging , but likely his play has earned him money i don't think we'll spend. I'm including inside b.c, Spikes could likely retire, and concerns have shown with Bowman.


CB ? Ellis Hobbs, Johnathon Joseph, Richard Marshall, Eric Wright, Carlos Rogers, Tramon Williams, Kelly Jennings, Cromartie, Will Blackman or Bryant McFadden


S ?

 Bethea, Atogwe, Quintin Mikell, Tanard Jackson, Eric Weddle, Zbikowski, Dawan Landry, Resign Goldson, Taylor Mays effects some of these, but coaches have shown concerns with him, so thats why some of these are listed.

    From reading around several posts I have noticed, that this site is definately the most well-informed 9er site i've came across, so, as previously stated,  I listed some positions I see as weaknesses, and if you could, please write in who you could see the 9ers going after in this off-season. I mostly just included seemingly possible choices, I'm not sure of allocated funds and where we stand cap wise, so obviously some of these players could be outta the question.


     These are just some ideas (and further more educated ideas would be appreciated I'm all ears, and fully interested if you have other options or why you would not consider some of the players listed), and I know its a little early but well-educated projections and upcoming optimism is always fun.  (I also understand this whole idea could very well be irrelevant, due to the lack of an b.a and all, but lets just say it gets renewed)

Thankyou all for your time and opinions, they are all highly appreciated and hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and a good week/weekend. Drive safe, eat plenty, and load up on Maalox. lol

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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