Official NFL Draft Thread 11/30/10 (Continued...)

Well you all voted, and here are the results... although some of these polls were taken before Troy Smith was inserted in to the lineup. I am sure that some of your votes have changed in regards to the quarterback position and it being priority numero uno. However, some of you need to see more to be convinced. Furthermore, some of you don't believe at all in Troy Smith and still would like the 49ers to draft a quarterback in the 1st Round. With that said, here they are:



72% of you voted for quarterback

21% of you voted for cornerback


40% of you voted for a pass rushing linebacker

27% of you voted for a 3-4 defensive end

Each week 2 more positions will be taken off the board.


22% of you voted for a Nose Tackle

20% of you voted for a Center


So based off of those votes, the priority board would look like this:

1. Quarterback

2. Cornerback

3. Outside Linebacker

4. Defensive End

5. Nose Tackle

6. Center

7. Wide Reciver (15% of the votes in the last poll)


With that, what better time for a midseason 2011 1st round mock draft (my first one this season). Obviously this will not be the order once the official draft slots are in concrete. So pleeeaaase.... take this with a grain of salt. Here it is:


Note: This order was taken off of's website.


1. Carolina PanthersAndrew Luck - QB - Stanford

2. Buffalo BillsA.J. Green - WR - Georgia

3. Arizona CardinalsJake Locker - QB - Washington

4. Dallas CowboysPatrick Peterson - CB - LSU

5. Detroit LionsDerek Sherrod - LT - Mississippi State

6. Cincinnati BengalsRobert Quinn - DE - North Carolina

7. Denver BroncosDeAndre McDaniel - S - Clemson

8. San Francisco 49ersPrince Amukamara - CB - Nebraska

9. Minnesota VikingsRahim Moore - S - UCLA

10. Cleveland BrownsJulio Jones - WR - Alabama

11. Seattle SeahawksMark Ingram - RB - Alabama

12. St. Louis RamsNick Fairley - DT - Auburn

13. Washington RedskinsGabe Carimi - RT - Wisonsin

14. Houston TexansJimmy Smith - CB - Colorado

15. Jacksonville Jaguars - Greg Jones - LB - Michigan State

16. Miami Dolphins - DeMarco Murray - RB - Oklahoma

17. Kansas City Cheifs - Lance Kendricks - TE - Wisonsin

18. New England PatriotsLaMichael James - RB - Oregon

19. San Diego ChargersVon Miller - LB - Texas A&M

20. Tennessee TitansAdrian Clayborn - DE - Iowa

21. Chicago BearsDeMarcus Love - LT - Arkansas

22. Tampa Bay Bucs - Akeem Ayers - LB - UCLA

23. Philadelphia Eagles - Bruce Carter - OLB - North Carolina

24. Indianapolis ColtsAnthony Castonzo - LT - Boston College

25. Green Bay PackersTyler Sash - S - Iowa

26. New Orleans Saints - Travis Lewis - LB - Oklahoma

27. New York GiantsStefen Wisniewski - C/G - Penn State

28. Pittsburgh SteelersCameron Heyward - DE - Ohio State

29. Baltimore Ravens - Jason Pinkston - G - Pittsburgh

30. Atlanta FalconsDa'Quan Bowers - DE - Clemson

31. New England Patriots - Marcell Dareus - DE - Alabama

32. New York JetsJeremy Beal - LB - Oklahoma


Dont forget to rec...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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