A look into the future? I'd rather not, for I am 49ers fan scorned.

I had mentioned I was going to write a "look into the future" type of post. However, I am a 49ers fan scorned. I have stuck through all the crap of this past decade, and I have reached my boiling point. Why spend my time analyzing the possibilities and probabilities of the future when this team only lets me down every single year?

I think we all agree this is one of the most disappointing 49ers seasons in recent memory. To me, this concludes any hope of the Nolan era reaching success. And yes, this is still the Nolan era. Name me one difference in philosophy between Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary and I'll name you a liar. A bulk of the coaching staff remains, a bulk of the Nolan/McC player personnel remains, and so does the same ancient philosophy. Mike N and Mike S have different personalities and different faces, but they leave the same odor trail. Singletary's team will literally have to win-out to convince me otherwise.

Many of you may recall how I was one of the more even-keeled optimists with this 49ers team, but I need only see my beloved Giants bring a World Championship back to San Francisco to remember what it looks like, smells like, and feels like. The Giants represent everything the current 49ers are not, and it is absolutely glaring. It only makes my frustration with the 49ers turn into pure rage.

Blame whoever the hell you want, because they are all at fault. However, it always starts from the top, so the Yorks must be held ultimately responsible. After all, they are the ones that threw away everything great this 49ers franchise had earned and established. They insisted on pulling this franchise away from what it represented during the 5 Superbowl run of greatness.

As for Mike Singletary, I like the guy. He was a great player, seems to be a great person, and is a good motivator and linebackers coach. But that's it. I've heard enough of the same answers. For two months he has repeated that this team is and/or will be a good football team. No they are not and no they will not. If this was a good football team, they would have 5 or more wins. Also, no good (or even mediocre) team loses to the Panthers. The Panthers. Seriously?

But worst of all is how unprepared this team has been all season. And I don't mean X's and O's, but in everything else it takes to win. You have to be able to rally around each other. You have to be able to face adversity in the face and overcome it as a team. Your coaching staff needs to prepare you for everything you will face and have an answer for every obstacle and situation. Your coaching staff need to constantly search for advantages. Any and every (legal) advantage. In my eyes, these things are severely lacking in the 49ers. It has always been a simple minded approach, self-focused on it's own philosophy without a true vision of what it takes to win, regardless of philosophy. Also, how many winning players are on this team? I didn't say talented: I said winning.

What would I like to see happen? A complete coaching overhaul and additions to the front office (an intelligent and dedicated general manager, for one). I believe Jed York's heart is in the right place, but does have have the leadership, humility, and know-how? Player personnel... I really don't know where to go with that. I see talented players, but I certainly don't see many winners (players that have been on a winning team and/or contributed greatly to winning). This team needs a new culture. As for the direction of the new coaching staff... previously when I mentioned Bill Walsh-tree coaches, I said it more out of nostalgia than anything. It could come across as forced. However, does this team not need to return to its roots? Does this team not need to resemble the winner it used to be? The only way this team will win me back over is either through a miracle second half of the season or through a new vision and new coaching staff.

For the rest of the year I will not be wearing my red and gold, but rather my orange and black. I will always be a 49ers fan, but I am going to bask in what it feels like to be a winner. Maybe the Giants will rub off on the 49ers, but right now I would rather have pride than shame. The 49ers are shameful. Pitiful. And don't give me the whole "they're only two games out" bullshit. That only tells me how much more pathetic this team is to not be leading the weakest division the NFL has seen in years. Yeah, I'll watch the games as always. But my emotional investment will be that of a drone.

Go Giants. 49ers, I hope you smell differently next year, because I can't bare this odor any longer.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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