A Look at the Singletary's 49ers Against .500+ Teams






2008 Season

11/10/2008                      AT- Arizona Cardinals (5-3)                        L 29-24

This was an incredibly hard game for us 49ers fans to swallow. It was only Singletary's 2nd game as head coach, and effectively knocked usout of the "playoff race" mid way through the season. The Cardinals stopped Michael Robinson at the 2 yard line as time expired.


11/23/2008                     AT- Dallas Cowboys (6-4)                              L 22-35

This was a pretty well played game. Shaun Hill thew for over 300 yards,and Isaac Bruce had a 125 yards receiving. However, it was apparent that the 49ers were not in the same league as the Cowboys. After falling down 22-6 at the half, the 49ers came out and outscored the Cowboys 16-13 in the 2nd half, the game was already over at this point.


11/30/2008                     AT- Buffalo Bills (6-5)                                   W 10-3

Not the prettiest game in the world, but it was a win against a team .500 or better. Buffalo nearly doubled up the 49ers total yard total.


12/7/2008                      VS- New York Jets (8-4)                                W 24-14

Now this was a nice win for the 49ers against Brett Favre. It also represented this hit (sorry Brad Smith i had to link.  it. The 49ers absolutely dominated this game againt the Jets. 25 first downs to 10, 375 total yards to 182. The 49ers doubled up the Jets in passing yards, and Brett Favre was limited to 4.4 yards per attempt and 0TDs.


12/14/2008                     AT- Miami Dolphins (8-5)                              L 9-14

The 49ers played real  well against another potential playoff team, however, fell after garnering only 3 FGs. Once again they dominated in time of possession, total yards, and first downs.


12/28/2008                     VS- Washington Redskins (8-7)                  W 27-24

Another game against a team .500 or better, and another competitive game, however, the 49ers won this game to enter the off-seaon on a good note.



2009 Season

9/27/2009                         AT- Minnesota Vikings  (2-0)                        L 24-27

This sticks into our minds as much as any game in recent memory. Yes, we woud "Favred", but the officials didn't help our cause. I remember horrible personal foul penalties, and a phanton pass interference call. Besides, Greg Lewis was out of bounds (i know he wasn't, but it makes me feel better to say that). Really don't want to re-live this game more than i have to.


10/11/2009                       VS- Atlanta Falcons (2-1)                              L 45-10

Now this was an absolutely ugly game. 28 first downs to 13, 477 yards to 279, and minus 13:00 time of possession. Singletary knew his team was destroyed, and well they were


10/25/2009                       AT- Houston Texans (3-3)                             L 21-24

The re-re-re-re birth of Alex Smith. After falling down 21-0 at the half Singletary and Co. turned to Alex Smith, who promptly threw three 2nd half touchdowns, all to Vernon Davis. However, th 49ers fell by three points, in yet another close loss that has now com to define Singletary's 49ers regime.


11/1/2009                         AT- Indianapolis Colts (6-0)                           L 14-18

Another excruciating defeat for the 49ers. I mean they were winning 14-12 after three quarters against the then undefeated Indianapolis Colts. Some missed tackles, penalties, and overthrows by Alex Smith and the 49ers lost. I think you can see the theme now.


11/12/2009                      VS- Chicago Bears (4-3)                                W 10-6

Five interceptions later, and the 49ers pulled of a dramatic win in the final minutes. Jay Cutler pretty much gave this gam to them, but someone has to take it right?


11/22/2009                      AT- Green Bay Packers (5-4)                        L 24-30

This was the game where Michael Crabtree caught his 1st NFL TD pass, and man was it a great catch. However, the 49ers fell once again in a one score game against a wnning club.


11/29/2009                      VS- Jacksonville Jaguars (6-4)                    W 20-3

A great all around performance for the 49ers. Alex Smith had a 97 QB Rating with 2TDs and 0 INTs. This brought the 49ers right back into the playoff race.


12/14/2009                      VS- Arizona Cardinals (8-4)                          W 24-9

Seven Arizona Cardinals turnovers and would you expect a different result? Additionally, Kurt Warner had a QB Rating of 44. This was a fun game to watch.


12/20/2009                      AT- Philadelphia Eagles (10-3)                     L 27-13

After falling behind 20-3 at the half a Nedney FG and TD pass from Smith to Morgan brought the 49ers back to within a score. However, it would be for not; Philadelphia scored on a 2 yard McCoy TD run in the 4th to put the game away.


2010               I will not get too much into depth as these games are recent memory for all of us 49ers fans

9/20/2010                         VS- New Orleas Saints (1-0)                        L 25-22

9/26/2010                         AT- Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)                       L 31-10

10/3/2010                         AT- Atlanta Falcons (2-1)                              L 14-16     (Thank you Clements)  

11/14/2010                       VS- St. Louis Rams (4-4)                            W 23-20    

11/21/2010                       VS- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)             L 21-0

12/5/2010                         AT- Green Bay Packers (7-4)                      L 34-16

12/12/2010                       VS- Seattle Seahawks (6-6)                        W40-21


So there you have it, a record of 8-14 against .500+ teams under Mike Singletary. 7-3 at home, and 1-11 on the road.


Some Statistics in regard to these games

Record: 8-14                    Home 7-3        Away: 1-11

49ers PPG: 18.3

Opponent PPG: 21.6

Average Point differential: -3.3

One Score Games: 12


          Over 1/2 of the 49ers games against winning teams have been one score games, however, they are 1-11 on the road in these types of games under Singletary. I love how we compete against "better" teams, i just don't love the results. In fact, we should have won against Minnesota and Indianapolis (2009), and New Orleans and Atlanta (2010). Our losses against the Vikings and Colts may have cost us a 2009 playoff spot, and depending on the final three games, Nate Clements mistake against the Falcons may cost us a 2010 playoff spot. It doesn't look great going up against San Diego (1-11 on road against .500 teams). However, i know the 49ers can play with San Diego, and a win could ALMOST guarantee us the division.


What do you think?

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