Golden Nuggets: How's The Optimism?

I'm interested to know if the level of optimism has gone up around here. I certainly feel a little bit better about the team, but I won't allow myself to get suckered into the technicality that includes the 49ers in the NFC West race. It also may just be that warm, fuzzy feeling leaving a residue after our Niners beat down the Seattle Seahawks. That always makes me feel pretty darn good. Anyway, I was off playing some Call of Duty earlier and my buddy, a Vikings fan, told me "The 49ers are such a weird team." And I understood what he meant. It was just the Seahawks, but he still understood that there are some very good players on this roster. They are definitely a weird team. I used to love Mike Singletary, then I hated him, loved him after that and now I hate him again. I don't know what to do about that. Oh well, I guess. We've got the Chargers coming to town. Let's go ahead and give them a similar beatdown, yeah? Here's some links. Go Niners.

It worries me that both Takeo Spikes and Patrick Willis have hand injuries. I fully expect both of them to play on Thursday against the Chargers, but I'm thinking their might be a little less production from the both of them. (

The 49ers' hopes for the remainder of the season rest on ... Alex Smith. Yet again. For the umpteenth time. Will he ever do what we need him to? (

I'm a big fan of running back Anthony Dixon. I don't know if he'll be a premier running back, but it sure would be nice. I hate that the 49ers are trying to make him into something he's not, though. I also do) enjoy the fact that Alex Smith ran downfield to make a block, that was awesome. (

Can Alex Smith do anything to remain with the 49ers next year? I firmly believe that the answer is "no." I do not think he will be back, not as a backup and definitely not as a starter. (

You can catch Vernon Davis on MTV Cribs later on tonight. I honestly thought this show was gone a long, long time ago. I can't believe it's still around. (

Where is Michael Crabtree? I don't understand where he's been, but he definitely hasn't been out there on the field catching footballs. I saw another go off his hands against the Seahawks and it's really bothering me. His hands have been awful, he gets a pass for some of those horrible throws, but too many times I've seen a football go out of his hands. If it hits both of your hands as a wide receiver, there is not a single excuse to not come down with a catch ... unless you're hit REALLY hard. (

Here's some audio from conference calls with Phillip Rivers and Norv Turner, San Diego's quarterback and head coach, respectively. (

No blackout, folks - the Chargers have sold enough tickets. I seriously considered going as the best damn band on the planet (Foreigner) is playing in the parking lot before the game. (

San Diego Chargers: First Look (

Raiders fans have become 49ers fans, at least until Friday. (

There really could honestly be a losing team winning the NFC West this year. Brian Billick will cry himself to sleep, and I'll shrug my shoulders. Get over it. (

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