A look at Free Agency

I went thru and did my best to get us a list of the available free agents at all the positions. I did put some limits on it. I tried not to get "old" players nor did I get players that were listed as very low. I used Walter (I know, I know) to gather the list and ESPN for the ratings and ages. So if you see any I missed or if some of the ones I  have, have received contracts then please let me know and I'll adjust the list. Figured with the playoffs being out of the picture FA and the Draft is of the utmost priority.

After the break I'll have the list.

Position                Player                                   Curr Team           ESPN Rating            Age

QB                          Bruce Gradkowski              Raiders                   63                           27

RB                           Ahmad Bradshaw              Giants                    76                           24

RB                           Lawrence Maroney            Denver                   71                           25

RB                           Michael Bush                     Raiders                   69                           26

RB                           Jeriuos Norwood               Falcons                   68                           27

RB                           Kevin Smith                        Detroit                   68                           24

RB                           Tim Hightower                   Cards                      65                           24

RB                           Jason Snelling                    Falcons                   65                           26

RB                           Arian Foster                       Houston                 62                           24

RB                           Ben Jarvis Green Ellis        Pats                        57                           25

FB                           Leron McClain                    Ravens                   74                           25

FB                           Jerome Felton                    Detroit                   59                           24

WR                         Santonio Holmes               Jets                         79                           26

WR                         Steve Smith                        Giants                    78                           25

WR                         Mike Sims Walker              Jacksonville            75                           26

WR                         Braylon Edwards                Jets                         72                           27

WR                         Steven Breaston                 Cards                     68                           27

WR                         Devon Aromashadu           Bears                      65 RFA                   26

WR                         Lance Moore                      Saints                      65                          27

WR                         James Jones                       Green Bay               63                           26

OT                          Ryan Harris                         Denver                    75                           25

OT                          Jeremy Trueblood              Tampa Bay             72                           27

OT                          Tyson Clabo                        Falcons                  66                           29

OT                          Jermaine Bushrod              Saints                     66                           26

OT                          Charlie Johnson                  Indy                       64                           26

OG                         Logan Mankins                    Pats                       85                           28

OG                         Davin Joseph                       Tampa Bay            78                           27

OG                         Justin Blalock                       Falcons                 66                           27

OG                         Marshall  Yanda                  Ravens                  66                           26

OG                         Chris Chester                       Ravens                  64                           27

OG                         Kasey Studdard                   Houston                63                           26

OG                         Ryan Cook                           Vikings                   68                           27

OC                          Ryan Kalil                             Panthers               83                           25

OC                          Kyle Cook                            Bengals                  67                           27

OC                          Rudy Niswanger                 Kansas City             64                           28

DT                           Haloti Ngata                       Ravens                    89                           26

DT                           Brandon Mebane              Seattle                    78                           25

DT                           Daniel Muir                         Indy                        69                           27

DT                           Gabe Watson                     Cards                       63                           27

DT                           Barry Cofield                      Giants                      62                           26

DT                           Paul Solliai                           Miami                     60                           26

DE                           Marcus Spears                    Dallas                      71                           27

DE (OLB?)            Cliff Avril                                Detroit                    70                           24

DE                           Charles Jonson                   Panthers                 68                           24

DT(DE)                  Nick Hayden                         Panthers                 58                           24

DE/DT                   Remi Ayodele                       Saints                     63                           27

ILB                          Paul Posluzny                      Bills                        76                           26

LB                           Lamar Woodley                   Steelers                 86                            26

LB                           Tamba Hali                          Kansas City            81                           27

LB                           David Harris                         Jets                        81                           26

LB                           Chad Greenway                   Vikings                  78                           27

OLB                        Thomas Davis                       Panthers               77                           27

LB                           Omar Gaither                       Eagles                   74                           26

LB                           D’Qwell Jackson                   Browns                 74                           27

LB                           Justin Durant                       Jacksonville          73                           25

LB                           Clint Session                         Indy                     72                           26

LB                           Chris Gocong                        Browns                69                           27

LB                           Quincy Black                        Tampa Bay           68                           26

LB                           Zac Diles                               Houston               66                           25

LB                           Tavares Gooden                  Ravens                  64 RFA                  26

LB                           Jo-Lon Dunbar                     Saints                    61                           25

CB                           Jonathan Joseph                 Bengals                 84                           26

CB                           Antonio Cromarte               Jets                       80                           26

CB                           Eric Wright                           Browns                 77                           25

CB                           Richard Marshall                 Panthers               70                           26

CB                           Fabian Washington             Ravens                  69                           27

CB                           Chris Houston                      Detroit                  69                           26

CB                           William Gay                          Steelers                67                           25

CB                           Brent Grimes                        Falcons                 66                           27

CB                           Josh Wilson                          Ravens                  64                           25

CB                           Brandon Carr                       Kansas City            63                           24

S                              Tanard Jackson                   Tampa Bay             77                           25

S                              Eric Weddle                         San Diego               77                           25

S                              Bernard Pollard                   Houston                 76                           26

S                              Melvin Bullit                        Indy                        74                           26

S                              Chinedum Ndukwe             Bengals                   70                           25

S                              Roman Harper                     Saints                     68                           28

S                              Brodney Pool                       Jets                         67                           26

S                              Jerrod Page                          Pats                        67                           26

S                              Daniel Manning                   Bears                      66                           28

S                              Eric Smith                             Jets                         63                           27

S                              Tom Zibikowski                    Ravens                   63 RFA                  25

S                              Michael Johnson                 Giants                     60                           26

PK                           Stephen Gostkowski            Pats                         73                           26

PK                           Nick Folk                               Jets                          69                           26

PK                           Mason Crosby                      Green Bay               65                           26

I know that some of these will probably get contracts eventually and I'll take them off the list as they do. I figure we can keep this list groomed and use it as a discussion point.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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