49ers vs. Cardinals, Final Injury Report

The 49ers and Cardinals released their final injury reports for the season finale on Sunday. There's nothing of real significance we don't already know. The 49ers list is fairly long, but nothing particularly questionable. It's fairly black and white. I'm not sure how many folks will be searching for the 49ers injury report tonight, but here it is along with Jim Tomsula's Friday press conference transcript.

During the season the 49ers have their post-game coach's press conference and then the Monday after (or Tuesday if its MNF) coach's press conference. We'll likely get the post-game press conference, but who knows if we'll get a Monday coach's press conference at this point. So, enjoy some Tomsula while you still can.

CB Phillip Adams (ankle)
LB Keaton Kristick (concussion)
T Joe Staley (fibula)
LB Patrick Willis (hand)
TE Nate Byham (heel)

RB Brian Westbrook (not injury related)
DE Justin Smith (illness)
C David Baas (ribs)
RB Anthony Dixon (ankle)
LB Takeo Spikes (hand)    
TE Vernon Davis (thumb)

LB Joey Porter (tricep)

LB Clark Haggans (groin)
TE Ben Patrick (hamstring)
RB LaRod Stephens-Howling (hamstring)

Interim Head Coach Jim Tomsula
December 31, 2010
San Francisco 49ers 

Listen to Audio I Media Center

On how has the week gone in terms of preparation:

"I'll tell you what, because of the coaching staff and the people in the building and most importantly the players, it's a prime example of what we've been talking about with what great people we have in that locker room. These coaches, I mean these guys are going like heck. If you take a look at the defensive side of the ball with [Defensive Coordinator] Greg Manusky and [Secondary coach] Vance Joseph, and [Linebackers coach] Jason Tarver are doing in there and then [Special teams assistant coach] Dave Fipp comes over and helps out- that's what you got. You know those guys are going and it hasn't missed a beat. They aren't going home, they're going at it. It makes you feel real good inside, I'll tell you that. Offensively the same thing, those guys are going at it and grinding it out. All the coaches in this building have a lot of questions in their life, you know what I mean? A lot of questions, what's going on? The futures unknown. We've all had that feeling in our life. It's kind of hard to take your mind off that and put it on something else. So you think about that, and you think about the game plans that are going in, and all the work that they're doing and the way they're going at it, that's a pretty unselfish deal. Those are great people and the way they are trying to attack it, I don't think any of us can thank them enough. You know putting the way they are approaching things and putting themselves second. Then the players, you know, they get into the same thing and the way they go. You know here they go, they're working, you watch in practice, these cats are moving around are they not? They're flying around, they're practicing, and they're focused. We had a ball drop today and one ball was on the ground, and it was in warm-ups playing around, and it was an o-lineman playing catch. So you know, that's exciting. The guys- everybody's focused. Now the other shot of trying to keep them together, that's never come up."

On why the practice ended about 15 minutes earlier:

"28 minutes, I'm going to give you that exact."

On whether that was due to you trying to make it more of a fast paced practice:

"Well here's the point, I can try to do it whatever way I want, the players control that. So when we talk about the focus, we talk about narrowing the focus, that's 28 minutes and we actually added 3 reps. So we want to talk about focus? That's focus. They're on, they're hopping, they're popping. We all know, you can say, scream, you can stand on your head, but the pace of a practice is dictated by your players and that's what happened today."

On whether you are practicing with a script like mentality and leaving it up to the players:

"That's right, yeah let's go. This is the amount of work we have to do, OK? Now, what slows down a practice? Repeats. What slows down a practice? When you don't know what you're doing before you come out on the field? What slows down a practice? When you have people gabbing between plays? So what speeds up a practice? People know what they're doing, there aren't any repeats. We have guys getting in and out of the huddle, guys being efficient in what they are doing. Taking the focus, paying attention, staying involved, staying in tune. So what I'm saying is that when you are asking that question and watching practice, you saw what I'm talking about. That answers anybody's question of focus."

On whether you emphasize tempo during practice:

"Well it's just the point of the game, on and off the field. If you have a certain amount of work to do- we're just trying to be on and off the field, its late in the season. So why be on your feet that long? We have this amount of work to do, we can't cut the workload. I mean there are certain things that you have to do, you have to rep it, but where that goes to is it's just not the field. So that means when guys run in and we talk and they ask, ‘hey can we do it this way? Can we go?'- and everybody is involved in this guys, I'm just the guy that just got loaded on to come talk to you, we're all in this. So that's a conscious decision by everybody. So now you get involved in - if there are not any repeats and there are not things going on, that means people are really in tune in the meeting room. That means people are really staying focused when they aren't out on the field. That means people are watching film. That means the scout team is watching film of the opponent to make sure they can line up correctly and give the best look. So that means everybody's in."

On whether you have been brushing up on game management:

"That's the biggest thing I have done this week. I have done it before, I feel comfortable, I understand it, OK? We do have somebody here that helps us and we have stuff done that we can look at, and what we have here that's already in place- I'll tell you this, I've stayed up reading it, and I have been going through it, and I've been studying some. There were two things that stood out to me on there that I've been taught to do that was wrong. I mean it was great to see, it was exciting for me. You know when you call timeouts? I don't want to get into exact situations, because our people have done the work on it so I'll keep it to us, and it might not stand out to you when you are watching the game, but it is matter of fact, it is done I tried to beat it. I sat there and took my pen out, went through, actually turned on tape, and tried to beat the formula, and I couldn't. So those two situations, we would have to hit the lottery for those to show up in this game. It's a very rare circumstance, but it was great for me, I enjoyed learning about it. That systems in place and that communication is in place, and we will thoroughly take advantage of it."

On replays and how that will work in regards to game management:

"That's all in place and we will take advantage of it, and at the end of it, any blunders in any of those areas are solely on me. Solely on me."

On whether he has thought about the message he will give to his team prior to the game:

"No. You can tell, I'm not a speech guy. Whatever hits you hits you. One thing I know about these guys, we don't need a ‘win one for the gipper', they don't need a ‘win one for the gipper.' They're motivated guys, they're professionals. Again I keep saying it, you guys are around them, you know what I'm talking about. You don't get here without something to you."

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