Official Updated NN Mock Draft Thread 2.5 (02/25/10) ...Continued

I  wanted to try and do something a little different and add a wrinkle to this weeks mock draft thread.

First, I am going to post the mock drafts of our division (The NFC West) through two websites: and Both these websites are very insightful and credible and provide 7 Rounds of mock draft action. There are only so many ways you can chop up a mock draft but I thought it's be fun to dive in to the division now and discuss what our opponents may do and what they are looking for as well.

After that, I have asked smileyman to help out a bit this week and do his version of 3 different draft scenarios  similar to what I did in last weeks mock draft thread. There will be a draft geared more toward the offensive side of the ball, one geared toward the defensive side, and a more balanced version. There is not an alternate version this week which works out well for the NN community. If you'd like, you can feel free to provide your possible trade scenarios. I think that trading up for Berry has been the most common scenario but if you have any other unobvious trade scenarios don't hesitate to thow them out there for discussion as well.


NFC WEST MOCK DRAFT SCENARIOS (Brought to you by and



13th Pick - CJ Spiller RB (Clemson)

17th Pick - Taylor Mays FS (USC)

49th Pick - Jon Asamoah OL (Illinois)

79th Pick - J.D. Walton G (Baylor)

110th Pick - Alterraun Verner CB (UCLA)

141st Pick - Jermaine Cunningham 34OLB (Florida)

172nd Pick - Antonio Brown WR (Central Michigan)

208th Pick - Al Woods 34DT (LSU)



13th Pick - Earl Thomas FS (Texas)

17th Pick - Bryan Bulaga OT (Iowa)

49th Pick - Sean Weatherspoon OLB (Missouri)

79th Pick - Kevin Basped DT/ OLB (Nevada)

110th Pick - Walter McFadden CB (Auburn)

141st Pick - Andre Dixon RB (Connecticut)

172nd Pick - Ryan Perrilloux QB (Jacksonville State)

208th Pick - Dexter Davis OLB (Arizona State)




6th Pick - Joe Haden CB (Florida)

14th Pick - Derrick Morgan DE (Georgia Tech)

40th Pick - Jahvid Best RB (California)

101st Pick - Jarrett Brown QB (West Virginia)

135th Pick - D'Anthony Smith 43DT (Louisina Tech)

166th Pick - Riley Cooper WR (Florida)

197th Pick - Derrick Hardman OT (Eastern Kentucky)



6th Pick - Jimmy Clausen QB (Notre Dame)

14th Pick - Trent Williams OT (Oklahoma)

40th Pick - Joe McKnight RB (USC)

101st Pick - Darrell Stuckey SS (Kansas)

135th Pick - Eric Olsen G (Notre Dame)

166th Pick - Jamar Wall CB (Texas Tech)

197th Pick - Rahim Alem DE (LSU)




1st Pick - Ndamukong Suh 43DT (Nebraska)

33rd Pick - Everson Griffen DE (USC)

65th Pick - Arrelious Benn WR (Illinois)

96th Pick - Toby Gerhart RB (Stanford)

128th Pick - Dennis Pitta TE (BYU)

160th Pick - Myron Rolle FS (Florida State)

192nd Pick - Jonathon Crompton QB (Tennessee)

210th Pick - Kevin Basped DT (Nevada)



1st Pick - Ndamukong Suh 43DT (Nebraska)

33rd Pick - Colt McCoy QB (Texas)

65th Pick - Dominique Franks CB (Oklahoma)

96th Pick - Colin Peek TE (Alabama)

128th Pick - Riley Cooper WR (Florida)

160th Pick - Ed Wang OT (Virginia Tech)

192nd Pick - Darius Marshall RB (Marshall)

210th Pick - Josh Hull ILB (Penn State)




26th Pick - Ricky Sapp OLB (Clemson)

58th Pick - Morgan Burnett S (Georgia Tech)

89th Pick - Dan LeFevour QB (Central Michigan)

121st Pick - Kyle Calloway OL (Iowa)

153rd Pick - Perry Riley ILB (LSU)

185th Pick - Jeff Owens 34DT (Georgia)

217th Pick - Chris Hawkins CB (LSU)



26th Pick - Charles Brown OT (USC)

58th Pick - Aaron Hernandez TE (Florida)

89th Pick - Sean Lee ILB (Penn State)

121st Pick - Mike Neal DT (Perdue)

153rd Pick - Chris Hall C (Texas)

185th Pick - Brandon Sharpe DE (Texas Tech)

217th Pick - Stephan Virgil (Virginia Tech)


Here now is a look at smileyman's 3 scenario mock draft...


1a. Taylor Mays (safety)
Hard hitting safety who is very coachable. I wasn't sold on him earlier in the year be he showed remarkable poise at the Senior Bowl when answering questions about his lack of big plays. He also showed that he could be taught and that he learns very quickly.

1b. Dan Williams (DT)
6'3, 227 lbs. Williams is the perfect size for the NT position. Granted we've got Franklin and will probably have him for anothe 2-3 years but that's perfect since it takes 3 years on average for a NT to become a starter in the NFL. This gives him a chance to learn and improve. He's great against the run but shows a tendency to come up a bit high in the pass rush which destroys any leverage he might have.

2. Devin McCourty (CB)
A little smallish for a CB. When matched up against larger WR he can sometimes get blocked out. Has elite hands and speed with great accelaration after the ball is in the air. His skill in zone defense is superb, which will come in handy since we play a great deal of that. He's also a special teams monster--he blocked 7 field goals at Rutgers and was used as a KR his senior year and averaged 25.4 yards per kick return. He wasn't used much in the punt return game but was effective when he did return punts averaging just over 20 yards a return.

3. Jared Veldheer (OT)
We still need a RT even in a defensive dominated draft. Veldheer could be a steal in the 3rd round. He possesses massive size at 6'8", 325 lbs and could probably add another 20lbs without losing any speed or quickness. His biggest knock is that he played at a small Division II school so hasn't had a chance to compete against the big boys. Right now he's projected as a 4th-5th rounder but I suspect that once scouts get a look at him he'll move up the boards.

4. Koa Misi (DE/OLB)
At 6'3, 244 lbs he's the ideal size for an OLB. He's a player that's flown under the radar. He's already shown versatility by playing OLB and DE. Runs in the 4.64 range. A bit raw but his motor never stops. He could stand to put on another 10-15 lbs of muscle. Recorded 67 tackles, 5 sacks and 2 FF this year.

5. Freddie Barnes (WR)
Barnes could be an absolute steal here. In 2009 he had 155 receptions for 1,770 yards and 19 TDs. His career before that was somewhat quiet as his biggest receiving total prior to 2009 was 82 receptions and that was back in 2007. In the Humanitarian Bowlhe had 17 receptions for 219 yards and 3 TDs. He also returns punts, averaging about 8 yards a return this year. He wasn't invited to the Senior Bowl and he's not been invited to the combine this year either so he might fly under the radar.

6. Stevie Brown (S)
Coming out of Michigan Brown is a prospect with lots of upside. Good instincts, fights hard to get off the ball and make the play. A bit slower than is ideal, but has good size at 6'0 and 211 lbs. recorded 79 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 INT in 2009.

7. O'Brien Schofield (DE/OLB)
Had a great season with 62 tackles and 12 sacks and then tore his ACL at the Senior Bowl. I think he's worth a 7th round pick to bring into camp and see how he does. He could really help out our pass rush.



1a CJ Spiller (RB)
Obvious choice here. Provides an additional threat in the running and passing game and will also improve our punt return game.

1b Dez Bryant (WR)
Shocker of the draft. Why another 1st round WR? Because our WR group is not good enough to get the job done right now and Bryant adds an immediate threat on the other side of Crabtree. We need a RT to replace Snyder but we can get a starting RT in the 2nd round

2 Morgan Burnett (S)
We can't ignore the defense entirely and we need help in the safety position. Burnett should provide that help.

3. Vladimar Ducasse (T)
At 6'5, 330 lbs Ducasse has great size for a tackle spot. Right now he's listed as playing both guard and tackle for UMASS, but we'd slide him over to the RT spot and let him do his thing over there.

4. John Jerry (G)
Jerry has the size and strength to be a great guard at the next level. He struggles somewhat with finishing blocks but with our shiny new offensive line coach that should be fixed quickly.

5. Freddie Barnes (WR)
Can you tell I have a bit of a man crush on him?

6. John Skelton (QB)
Skelton could be the sleeper steal of the draft. A 4 year starter he's got great size (6'5", 258 lbs) and plays in a pro-style offense). This year he was 284/441 and 3713 yards with 26 TDs and 10 INTs. He's an intriguing prospect

7. Manase Tonga (FB)
We need an upgrade at FB. Norris isn't the guy for us. I like Miller but I know that Singletary doesn't like using starters on ST too much and right now Miller is a special teams guy. Tonga can catch out of the backfield just as easily as he can run and block. The bonus--he loves Frank Gore and dreams of blocking for him.

"I really like his explosiveness. He's physical, but has the speed to work outside. He knows how to follow his blocks real well."



1a. CJ Spiller
1b. TrentWilliams
Sure you can get guards and RT in later rounds but Williams absolutely dominated at RT. If Bulaga or Campbell are here then we jump all over them but I just don't see either of those two being available.

2. Nate Allen (S)
80 tackles, 5 INTs, 1 FF. Can cover the entire field.

3. Jon Asamoah (G)
Big beast of a guard (6' 6", 315 lbs). Plays with a nasty streak. Is probably the #2 or #3 guard on the boards (Iupati, Ducasse, Asamoah), and the top two can play RT.

4. Koa Misi (DE/OLB)

5. Freddie Barnes (WR)

6. Cam Thomas (DT)
Could maybe work into the starting role at NT. Has godo size at 6'3 and 325 lbs but his lack of plays behind the LOS is worrisome as is the lack of FF.

7. O'Brien Schofield (DE/OLB)
Had a great season with 62 tackles and 12 sacks and then tore his ACL at the Senior Bowl. I think he's worth a 7th round pick to bring into camp and see how he does. He could really help out our pass rush.


Rec the post to keep the convo rolling... thanks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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