Golden Nuggets: Hall of Fame Saturday

Although the Super Bowl isn't happening until tomorrow, today is a big day with the Pro Football Hall of Fame announcing the 2010 class of inductees.  We'll have an open thread going up around noon for further discussion, and of course we'll have posts devoted to each 49er entrant.  Jerry Rice is a lock, and we're certainly hoping Roger Craig makes it in this time around.

The other big set of links have to do with comments this week by NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.  He basically said if there is no salary cap in 2010, there's a strong possibility the league will not be able to go back to a capped system.  Needless to say that's a HUGE deal.  Of course, I'd imagine that is also the as-to-be-expected sabre-rattling that happens when collective bargaining gets heated.  Let's hope it's just that.

Shawntae Spencer Playing the Colts / 49ers cornerback offers advice to Saints defense (

Niner Insider : And the winner is...... (

NFL NOTES / Former Niner returning to coach linemen (

2009 Season In Review (in Images) (

2nd title could earn Colts dynasty status (

What comes first: leadership or victories? (Maiocco)

Room for Rice (Maiocco)

Strong 49ers representation among HOF finalists (Maiocco)

What to Watch For: Super Bowl 44 ( | Goal Posts Blog (

Jean Francois Visits Little Haiti (

49ers join forces against heart disease (SJ Mercury News)

NFL: Goodell says 'all have failed' if work stoppage occurs in 2011 (SJ Mercury News)

49ers Blog and Q&A: How the "future" players fit in on the 49ers (Barrows)

Jerry Rice, favorite son of the 49ers and step-son of Raiders, is shoe-in for Hall of Fame (

The League - NFLPA director says lockout looms (

De Smith: "Virtually impossible" to go back to capped system (

Marshall now willing to stay with Broncos (

Handicapping chances for 17 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees to be elected (

Seahawks' emphasis on line obvious (Sando -

Seahawks tweak personnel department (Sando -

Maurice Jones-Drew is your 2010 Madden Bowl Champion (Battlepros Blog)

Chicago Bears hire San Francisco 49ers' Shane Day to coach quarterbacks (

Cardinals Fans Familiar With Both Super Bowl Teams (Revenge of the Birds)

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