NinersNation Prop Bet Scoring: UPDATED

Okay, so I have to be honest here. I went into the game with the intention of keeping track of our bets. But we had about 10 - 15 people over, depending on the time, and the truth is that I couldn't even hear the broadcast over all the chatter. So I have absolutely no idea how to score most of these things. But I think enough people actually watched the game that we can come to some sort of general consensus. Let's see what we have:

Prop 1: Number of Egregious Broadcaster Mistakes: 2.5

I actually did hear Phil Simms just before kickoff say something like "The pressure and the neutral field is going to bring the talent on the field closer together. And I think the more talented team is going to find it easier to win."

So, yeah, Phil. What was that? The less talented team is going to be able to be more competitive, but also won't be able to compete? You're an idiot. So that's one. After that, I couldn't hear a word he said (and thank God for that!). So we'll start the count at one. Who else noticed anything?

Prop 2: Number of Times that Jim Caldwell's Colts' Sacrificed Bid for a Perfect Season is Mentioned (3.0)

Again, couldn't hear. Don't know. Did they mention it?

Prop 3: Number of Times that Brett Favre Gets Mentioned (3.5)

I'm not sure if the Brett Favre commercial should count, but I kind of want to count it. You can veto that decision if you don't like it, but right now I'm counting it. Which puts the count at an early 1 right now. Did they mention him during the actual broadcast?

Prop 4: Number of Time "Who Dat" is Mentioned During the Actual Game (5.5)

Don't know. TELL ME!

Prop 5: Number of Times Jim Caldwell is Shown on Camera Displaying Actual Human Emotions (1.5)

I was able to keep track of this one, and I saw a big fat ZERO times. I'm calling the official count here at ZERO, but if anybody wants to counter, I'm more than happy to listen.

So help me out: How did these things pan out? Examples are fun.

EDIT: Thanks to smileyman, we have some official scores on this thing!

Prop 1: Over
Prop 2: Under
Prop 3: Under
Prop 4: Under
Prop 5: Under

You can head back over to our betting thread to see how you did!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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