Super Bowl a Passer's Lair

We have to face the fact that teams who make it to the Super Bowls have top passers, even legendary passers. Hall of Fame shoo-ins. What are we to think if we think a marginal quarterback can get by if schooled in the same offensive system in consecutive years, with the same offensive coordinator the last several years?

The purpose of my post is not to write a crafty piece but to pose a question and start a "thread" about how Alex Smith will defy the skeptics and make the 49ers the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Every Super Bowl has it all, a superb passer, a great offensive line, a punishing defense, and a strong running game. Marquee wide receivers. They have won it all because they were running on all cylinders, they barely had weaknesses for opponents to exploit.

It would be interesting to see Alex Smith playing a full season and see what he can do with our current wide receiving corps. Vernon Davis is due for another standout year as a tight end, I believe he will surpass his 13 touchdowns, as long he reduces his drops. Crabtree will have a breakout year, since he will have training camp under his belt and a chance to experience ZEN, harmonizing with the quarterback and meshing with the offense. Offensive Coordinator Raye is the type of coordinator who needs to find out what his players can do, and cannot do. Raye should have the facts by now.

I am just hoping Singletary will grow into a savvy coach like Sean Payton is, like Cowher was. Granted, Singletary is not Bill Walsh. Sing does not have the intellect of a Bill Walsh. We have to depend on coaches Solari, Schottenheimer, Manusky, and Raye to help fill that void, their combined experience will meet the quota.

Alex needs to realize that if he is to bring the 49ers to the Super Bowl he needs to have an extraordinary year as a passer. Truly, I think he is not as good as Drew Brees or Peyton Manning. Alex does not know what he is doing at times. Several games he had a very poor first half (50 yards one first half, or was it 5 yards?). He cannot do that anymore.

We need to draft a quarterback with great potential this year or in 2011. We also need to prep Nate Davis to take over the reins, because McNabb raves about him, we gotta listen to recommendations of other players. McNabb is a guy that can take a team to the Super Bowl, I do not hear anyone raving about Alex Smith, the 49ers starting quarterback.

Anybody else raving over ALEX SMITH? Do you think he can take us to the Super Bowl? Do not give me the same crap, like by saying, "Perhaps Smith can give us a 9-7 season."

I do not want a 9-7 season. I want a 11-5 season or better.

My conclusion it can really only be done with a superb passer who passes for 280-300+ yards nearly every game. Averaging two or more touchdowns a game. Can Alex do that?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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