2010 49ers Predictions... Part 1/3: NFC West Divisional Matchup

49ers are going to dominate in 2010 (just look at the facts all you Oakland Faders, Green Bay Slackers, , Seattle Yawnhawks, Jacksonville Jagoffs fans!)*

So this is my 1st Fanpost at Niners Nations and I hope it is the 1st of many.

I want to analyze the 49ers 2010 schedule and see the matchups for the niners. Today we are going to look at the divisional matchups. Everyone knows that the divisional games are easily the most important games on the schedule for the niners. With only one team going to the playoffs from the NFC West, that team better d@mn well be the San Francisco 49ers, otherwise im going to have to going to have to punch Pete Carroll in the face...btw im a USC Trojan and still am reeling from the way he did us...anways without further ado this is the 49ers schedule for 2010.

Home: Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders
Away: Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers

In Part 1/3 im going to look at the 3 home and 3 away matches in the division


Home Games

STL Rams:

This game is going to be a cakewalk, however this is still the NFL. Honestly, Alex Smith needs to earn his money in these types of games. Show that you have some Cojones Alex and destroy a team like the Rams. There is absolutely no reason that the 49ers should not have 10 points by the end of 1st quarter and 20 by the half. The Rams defense is atrocious and they are even unsure of some of their better players, O.J. Otogwe, Leonard Little. Patrick Willis, yeah he will take care of the Rams O because he will knock Steven Jackson out of the game. Take your 3 yrd pitch to the right, but every time that Willis or Justin Smith get a good crack on SJax he also slowly wears down because there is nothing else in that offense...No offensive weapons, Spags is overrated. 49ers need to dominate this one. 

FInal Score: 49ers 28- Rams 12


SEA Seahawks


Hardest game of the home schedule. The Seahawks are really embarrassed by last years performance. I dont think we get it as 49ers fans, but the Seattle fans really have nothing else but this, "we were good 5 years ago" football squad.

What are they gonna do root for a hockey team? They don't have any and the closest is in the city of Vancouver. Oh wait dont the Supersonics still have $10 seats in the lower deck? Sorry that might have been too soon for the Seattle fans.

They think they are the favorite every single year in the division no matter how many rings the 49ers have compared to their trophy collection, (btw Seahawks have been around for 34 yrs and they have never won a Super Bowl title). Also, Sea is going to reload in the draft and free agency. If you think we got it good with the 13 and 17 picks, they possess the 6 and 14 picks. They got Aaron Curry, not as good as Stephen Curry, and also Max Unger who I really like.

So the Seahawks are going to be hungry. Their pass offense, no matter who is behind center, will be good for at least 13 pts against the lazy secondary of the 49ers. However, i like our front seven to create turnovers and limit the running game of the Seahawks to no further pts. Our O will be stagnant because Alex Smith will struggle and turn the ball over, but Gore will tear the Hawks for another 150+ day on the ground, even after he took off for huge gains in last yrs matchup at Candlestick.

Final Score: 49ers 17-13


ARZ Cardinals

I would be downright livid if I were a Cards fan right now. I mean how cheap can the Bidwells get?? Players are essentially counting the days down that they get to leave the team. I bet it must be hella hot in the desert these days. Dansby was good, Boldin was better and Rolle looked like a perennial pro bowler...and what are they gonna do without Kurt Warner to bail them out? This yr was uncapped so teams had no ceiling or floor for spending and the Bidwells decided that they were going to go cheap this yr. I am talking real cheap, like maybe even 65 millions with only Fitz, Leinart and Wilson getting any cash on the team.

Soo the niners will be favored. This looks like a good game if you look at the history. But im saying the hell with history. The past 5 yrs are gone, and i think the dominance that the 49ers enjoyed in this matchup for decades is going to continue. Alex Smith will have his best game of the young season, (although i dont know exactly what week this game is going to be, the official schedule comes out in April) and VD and MC are good for 3 TDs combined. Another TD will come in the return game, (please lord give us C.J. Spiller or even Arenas) and another will be created by a Turnover, im thinking Goldson pick 6.

Final Score 49ers 38- ARZ 14


Away Games

STL Rams

Dome teams are unfair. They just have a distinct advantage. These type of things can really affect a close game in which a D Lineman gets an extra milllisecond on the snap jump and leads to a sack in a critical play. However, when you are as bad as the Rams, not even the dome can save you from another bad season. Im thinking 3-13 for the Rams this year.

The 49ers played their most boring game of the season against the Rams last years. Did you guys see that game? Trust me you didnt miss anything if you didnt catch it. It was the last game of the season and there was absolutely no meaning in this game except for the fact that the Rams now get the privilege to overpay for Sam Bradford or Ndamukong Suh (i think Suh is a stud tho, but too much cash). Alex Smith played with no killer instinct and this is something that he has to grow. You either just got this or you dont and Smith doesnt have it. So, Please learn this skill, grow it, cultivate it, please #11. 49ers have this game in hand

Final Score: 49ers 24- Rams 10

SEA Hawks

Ok, enough with all this 49ers homerism and bashing on the opposition. The 49ers are going to struggle in this game. Why do i feel like the 49ers never play their best in Seattle. Qwest is tough and the weather is always windy, rainy, or just plain uncomfortable. Plus we never know what kind of injuries are going to be affecting the niners. That 3-4 game stretch where we didnt have Gore absolutely killed us last yr. We never know what is going to come up and I think that keeping an open mind for injuries, bad luck, poor timing, is a good strategy for trying to predict the record of the 2010 49ers.


Final Score: Seahawks 24- 49ers 14


ARZ Cards

Alright, so the Cardinals got whipped in San Fran in this rivalry. Vernon Davis could not be controlled and Michael Crabtree was even getting in on the act. Cards are going to be mad, but they are just not that talented and Whiz is running out of luck. The secondary of the Cardinals in just not very good although they do have good talent, DRC, Adrian WIlson. We should also get good push on the Cards O-Line. This is the part of ARZ game where they are terrible. Levi Brown is not good and Mike Gandy is old and gets abused by J Smith whenever we play them. Deuce Lutui is alright, but i think this group is really injury prone and is just not very talented.

49ers always bring their best against the Cards. Darnell Dockett knows this fact and I think that the niners need to make a run for him in Free Agency in a couple of yrs if only to drive up the price of DD for the Cards. Fitz will probably torch Clements again for 120 yards and a TD, but Matt Leinart will get sacked 5 times and be ambushed all night just like Warner was when we came to Phoenix last yr. Huge day for the D and VD will grab a TD or 2

Final Score 49ers 23- Cards 17

NFC West Record Prediction: 5-1

49ers are going to be 5-1 against the NFC West.The 1st installment with the 2nd detailing the rest of the home games for the 49ers, including the London game which is absolute BS if you ask me. But more on that next time.


*Here are more football team nicknames to laugh at if you so desire.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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