Now that Elvis has left the building, time to get to work in FA

Now, some of you may, or may not agree that Scott McCloughlan was a good GM during his stint in the Bay area. (IMO: I think Steve Erkell would've done a better job.) Be that as it may, there is still time for the Niners to fill some holes, at least grab a couple band aids to stop the bleeding. These guys are still available, AND...most importantly, they are UFA's, so there's no need to give compesation for their services. In fact most of these players I'm sure can be signed to either really cheap 2-3 year contracts that can be voided after 1-2 years if we are able to get a better replacement. Unfortunately, the most obvious place we need help at is on the O Line and by my footwork, the only guy still around worth mentioning is Mike Gandy as a Tackle. Orlando Pace might have been nice....7 years ago. (LOL.)

But, with that being said, here's a look at who is still out there at home right now waiting on the Niners to give them a call so they can help us get back to the playoffs at least. But, be warned before you rip me in some of my opinions: The draft is a crap shoot. no matter how you look at it. There are another 31 teams looking at the same guys we are, as per our record, we are a middle of the pack team, so the certainty of getting the best guys at the positions most needed is not in the bag. Secondly, if nothing else, a couple of these guys in the right place can give us much needed depth that will make the off downs a lot easier to swallow than a hope and a  prayer.

DB: Wether some on NN will admit it or not, one of our most glaring places we burned on week in and week out was in the defensive passing game. Here are a few who might shore that up for a season or 2 before we are able to snag that coveted Charles Woodson we've been looking for....

Nick Harper, Fred Smoot, Nathan Vasher, Phillip Buchanon

At one time or another, every guy was a Pro Bowler, and they are still relatively young, so, let's take a couple for a spin since Nate Clements can't seem to stay healthy and Shawntae Spencer, even after last years showing just hasn't impressed me in the consistancy dept. Add to the fact we have parted ways with Dre Bly and Marcus Hudson, I say this might be worth looking into. 

DL: Another area IMO that can use a shot. If for no other reason than to take pressure off of Abrayo Franklin, Justin Smith and give Ricky-Jean Francois a little more time to mature.

Jevon Kearse, Adewale Agunleye

They don't call the guy "The Freak" for nothing. Yes, injuries may have slowed him down to a "Troubled Miscreant", but, I still think Jevon has the experience and the short term speed burst in order to wreak havok on long passing downs. Adewale also was in high demand from the Bears only 2 years ago by even this team. Now that he can be had outright with no comp to Chicago, he also might be worth taking a quick flyer on.

S: Ahhh favorite place to rip the Niners to no end. With the noteable exception of Dashon Goldson, the Niners haven't had a safety worth a damn since Tim McDonald was in his last days. A couple of these Gents IMO is IMPERATIVE for the Niners to get for the short term. (At least until either Eric Berry (we can only hope), Myron Rolle, or Taylor Mays is ready to take control of the other side.

Roman Harper, Darren Sharper, Aaron Rouse

O.K.....I admit, Sharper may demand a King's ransom to play for us. Especially since he just came off a Super Bowl victory. But, why in the world since it is one of the most obvious needs for the team to fix, Scotty McC was asleep at the wheel in not trying to obtain this guys services? Also, although Nick may be getting a little longer in the tooth, he was a surefire ballhawk for the Titans the past couple years and still has some gas in the tank. Aaron Rouse to me is an enigma, as I really don't know who he is. But, for me, at this point, Steven Hawking in a Hover-Round is worth more than Micheal Lewis, Reggie Smith, and Mark Roman COMBINED!

I'm sure you may have noticed, there were a few areas of the team I left alone from this venture. Honestly, IMO, they may still need looking into, but I left them as is for a few good reasons. Here they are:

QB: I have made no secret here on NN that I personally am NOT sold on Alex Smith as our QB of the now or the future. I'm sure the topic of why he needs more time to mature has been discussed here ad nauseum. So, that's a horse I think for this post I'll kindly let die a quick death. As for Nate Davis, he's still a rookie to me, and I can't possibly think of any other reason to cast doubt on him. As for David Carr......well...I guess if you have the bread, anyone can get one of those prescriptions for "medicinal weed" in Cali!

LB: IMO, this is the one area, I think the Niners are stacked at JUST RIGHT! This part ain't broke! No need in fixing it.

WR: Micheal Crabtree, Josh Morgan and Vernon Davis.....anyone else added will simply be overkill. Nuff said.

RB: This is the one part for me that was a 'lil sketchy. I realize we still have one of THE BEST workhorses in the league in Gore. Bar none. I'm not ready to throw in the towel on Coffee, (which to me is one of the best last names in the business) as last year was only his rookie season. (All you Coffee haters, -pun intended- give it a rest. If we can wait for 7 seasons for Smith to MATURE, we can cut Glen a little slack.) The rest of the bunch outside of the FullBacks, might need to be looked at as far as upgrades are concerned. If for no other reason than as special team and  depth fillers.

So, love it or hate it, please feel free to holla at me with your thoughts. One thing I do know however. A rolling stone, gathers no Moss. And a player that swings the bat may not hit a homerun, but, you strike out non the less. LOOKIN'!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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