NFL Team Needs and Power Rankings Based On Needs.





This thread will focus on team needs as it relates to the 49ers and those teams in their division and with whom they will be competing for a playoff spot in 2010. I have decided to use an unusual format for declaring where each teams stands on my power rankings. This is not an exact science and is a little premature as the draft is still a month away.

The format i have decided to use is based on CBS Sports grid of team needs. It will examine glaring holes and obvious strengths of each team and use that rational for declaring the top 6 teams in the NFC (those who will make the playoffs) and where other teams stand, at least in regards to the 49ers, our 2010 opponents and division rivals. The chart CBS uses is on a 0-10 format (0 being no need and 10 being a major weakness). As i stated before this is not an exact science, as it has the 49ers need at QB at 0 and the Colts need at the same position at QB at 3, despite having Peyton Manning. What the chart does it point to a position that is a weakness for a team, and for Indianapolis backup QB is an area of concern, hence the 3 level at that position. See let me get started


FYI the lower the total number of needs the higher the team is on my power rankings.



San Francisco 49ers

Major Needs: Offensive tackle (9) Cornerback (8) and Free Safety (7)

Areas of Concern: Wide Receiver (5) and Strong Safety (5)

According to CBS the 49ers have absolutely no need at QB, TE, K and P. While having minimal need at Inside Linebacker, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle and Center. I think that CBS accurately depicts the 49ers needs.

Overall Need: 54


Arizona Cardinals

Major Needs: Defensive End (9) and Outside Linebacker (9) and Inside Linebacker (7)

Areas of Concern: Quarterback (6) Tight End (6) Tackle (6) Cornerback (6) and Wide Receiver (5)

No Needs: Kicker, Running Back and Strong Safety

Overall Needs: 77


Seattle Seahawks

Major Needs: Cornerback (10) Tackle (10) Defensive End (9) Free Safety (9) Runningback (9) and Wide Receiver (8

Areas of Concern: Quarterback (6) defensive tackle (6) and Strong Safety (6)

No Needs: Kicker, Punter and Inside Linebacker

Overall Need: 93


St. Louis Rams

Major Needs: Quarterback (10) Wide Receiver (10) Cornerback (8) defensive end (7) Tight End (7)

Areas of Concern: Runningback (6) tackle (6) defensive tackle (6) linebacker (6) strong safety (6)

No Needs: kicker and punter

Overall Needs: 98



NFC Playoff Contenders


Minnesota Vikings

Major Needs: Strong Safety (7) Free Safety (7)

Areas of Concern: Cornerback (6) Runningback (6) and Quarterback (5)

No Needs: Kicker and Defensive End

Overall Needs: 54


Green Bay Packers

Major Needs: Cornerback (9) Punter (8) and Tackle (7)

Areas of Concern: Runningback (6) Center (6) Guard (5) and Strong Safety (5)

No Need: Quarterback and Free Safety

Overall Needs: 70


Chicago Bears

Major Needs: Wide Receiver (9) Tackle 8) Free Safety (8) Guard 8) and Corner back (7)

Areas of Concern: -----

No Need: Quarterback, Tight End, Kicker, Punter and Inside Linebacker

Overall Needs: 63


New Orleans Saints

Major Needs: Defensive Tackle (9) Defensive End (8) Outside Linebacker (8)

Areas of Concern: Tight End (6) Inside Linebacker (5)

No Need: Quarterback, Guard, Kicker and Punter

Overall Needs: 57


Atlanta Falcons

Major Needs: Defensive End (8) Guard (8) Center (8)

Areas of Concern: Corner back (5) Wide Receiver (5) Kicker (5) Outside Linebacker (5)

No Need: Quarterback and Punter

Overall Needs: 69


Dallas Cowboys

Major Concerns: Kicker (9) Tackle (7)

Areas of Concern: Strong Safety (5) Free Safety (5) and Guard (5)

No Need: Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Outside Linebacker and Puntre

Overall Needs: 50


Philadelphia Eagles: 70

New York Giants: 72


Power Rankings Based On Team Needs

1. Dallas Cowboys 50

2. Minnesota Vikings: 54

3. San Francisco 49ers: 54

4. New Orleans Saints: 57

5. Chicago Bears: 63

6. Atlanta Falcons: 69

7. Philadelphia Eagles: 70


7. Green Bay Packers: 70

9. New York Giants: 72


Does this make any sense to you? Could this be the reason why the 49ers are the trendy pick to be the surprise team of the NFL in 2010?


I completely understand that this is not an exact science, in fact there are many flaws in it. For example, it has the 49ers need a QB at a flat 0, while the Saints have a need a 1 at that position, even with Drew Brees. But they are factoring in the possibility of injury and the idea of depth. Who would you rather have start if your QB goes down? David Carr or Mark Brunnell?? I honestly think the 49ers are too high on that power ranking list and should be somewhere between the Bears and Falcons. Yet by doing this, i made one thing clear. The 49ers are the obvious favorite to win the NFC West and after that anything can happen. I am also interested to see how this chart plays out once the draft and off-season has concluded, believe me it will change. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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