The Draft how I would like it

While I am a pretty rabid fan, I am not a scout or player evaluator so these are just my gut feelings. I’ve watched a few highlights as well as most of the combine coverage. I am not getting into trades as I am not too familiar with other teams F.O. modus operandi, so I don’t know exactly how they will draft or if they would be willing to make a trade even if the point values match up. I am hoping the 49ers sign Pitts to challenge Baas at guard, but I don’t know if there are any besides Iupati who would step right in and start from day 1. Personally I would love to see them trade up for Berry and acquire an additional second round pick. Much of this is subject to change and it is very possible I don’t get a single pick right.

1a) CJ Spiller RB/ Clemson: I love Spiller, and think he would add a dynamic to the offence that is lacking. Because he is unlike anything else we have it would force other teams to change the way they game plan on defense. His addition to the return game would be another huge boost.


1b) Brian Bulaga OT/Iowa: Either Bulaga or Anthony Davis from Rutgers would be my pick here if available. I think either of them would be an immediate upgrade to the right side of our line. I have more faith in Staley than some others do, but if he struggles this year we could always slid this pick to the left side down the line. I am not a fan of Trent Williams or Bruce Campbell. With Sims back in the fold this would probably allow Snyder to move back inside where he might be more effective.


2) Nate Allen S/USF: Living in Tampa I saw a lot of Nate for the Bulls, and I think he would be a great addition. In my opinion this would greatly upgrade our secondary. Some mocks have Chad Jones here but I think that would be a big mistake. Reshad Jones would be my second option at safety.


3) Eric Norwood OLB/ South Carolina: I think Norwood is a pure pass rusher who could come in on third downs to blitz as he improves his coverage skills. Though I like Brooks’ emergence, he hasn’t proven himself fully yet. Lawson also hasn’t been as good as expected, but I don’t think he is terrible. On the other side Haralson had one good year as well so overall I am not sold on the position.


4) Brandon Ghee CB/ Wake Forest: With the right coaching I think Ghee could be a solid Nickel corner. His size and tackling ability will suit him well, and if he can play like he did in 2008. For me Spencer, Clements and Brown will be solid enough in coverage should they get additional help over the top (Nate Allen) so they don’t need to spend a high draft pick on CB.


5) Sam Young OG/ Notre Dame: Even though he played tack in college, I think Young would be a better guard in the Pros. He has the requisite mean streak and was a four year starter for the golden domers.


6) Nate Collins DT/ Virginia: This late it is all about upside and potential. Collins has a non-stop motor in the mold of Justin Smith, and eventually he could be a solid pro.


6) Antonio Brown WR/ Central Michigan: Brown is a fast receiver who could possibly add a bit more explosiveness down the line. He would also help in special teams if Spiller gains an expanded role in the offense.


7) Josh Hull ILB/ Penn State: Another rather raw player, he is a very could tackler that could help on special teams if he made the squad. Pick based more on potential than performance.


Overall I think this would address numerous problem areas as well as provide some possible talent for the future. One caveat is that you can never really trust the draft to improve your team. The picks are so hit or miss there is no guarantee anyone will pan out. That said, I believe if two solid starters are acquired then San Fran will win the division in 2010.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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