49ers History With Multiple 1st Round Picks; Also a Look At Teams Compensatory Selections.




I have decided to take a look at the 49ers draft history in terms of multiple 1st round picks, and to see how they have turned out. I understand that it really doesn't have much to do with the 2010 draft, this considering that the front office is under completely new management. Nonetheless, it should be fun to look at. I also wanted to take a look at the 49ers history in terms of compensatory selections. As it was announced today, the 49ers will received a 6th round pick.


2007. (11) LB- Patrick Willis           (28) OT- Joe Staley

Could this have turned out any better for the 49ers? They got one of the best defensive players in the NFL in Patrick Willis, a player that probably would end up being the best player out of the draft class, this with the 11th overall pick. They also traded up with the Colts to acquire Joe Staley, who prior to his injury last season was on pace to become an all-pro tackle.


2006: (6) TE- Vernon Davis            (22) LB- Manny Lawson

It took a while for both players to fulfill their potential, some could even argue Manny Lawson hasn't yet. But you cannot argue that Vernon Davis has not worked out, he tied the NFL record for TE touchdowns in a season and was an absolute beast and probably one of the best all around Tight Ends in the NFL last season, plus he still has some major upside. Manny Lawson played really well in spurts last season and may end up being a real good player, if not for the 49ers, for another team that practices the protoypical 4-3 defense that seems to fit Lawson well.


2000: (16) LB- Julian Peterson     (24) CB- Ahmad Plummer

These picks actually worked out really good for the 49ers until Plummer completely broke down and Peterson bolted for the Seahawks. You really cannot blame the 49ers for making these selections, as they did add players that contributed a great deal, just not as long as they wanted them to. I am still in complete confusion over the collapse of Ahmad Plummer, that could not have been seen.


1994: (7) DL- Bryant Young         (28) FB- William Floyd

This is arguably the best 1st round in 49ers history. Bryant Young became one of the absolute best players to wear a 49ers uniform, making multiple pro bowls and soon to be an NFL hall of fame selection. William Floyd simply known as "Bar None" was one of my favorite 49ers of the modern era, this dude left everything on the field and played with a passion i have never seen before. What a great draft this was.


1993:  (26) DL- Dana Stubblefield     (27) DE- Todd Kelly

Stubblefield made multiple pro bowls and was great opposite Bryant Young for the better part of a decade, that was a great pick in the late 1st round. Todd Kelly completely bombed out!!!


Compensatory Picks


2009:  (5) QB- Nate Davis             (7) S- Curtis Taylor

This could turn out to be one of the best in terms of compensatory picks in 49ers history. Both showed great potential in the pre-season and Taylor even continued that into the regular season. Time will only tell, but it appears the 49ers made the right selections with these picks


2007: (3) DE- Ray McDonald       (4) DT- Joe Cohen

McDonald continued to improve in 2009 and will be the 49ers pass rush specialist heading into 2010, i would like to see McDonald add more to his game and not be as one dimensional, but overall a nice pick. Cohen was an absolute bust for the 49ers, mostly due to injuries.


2006: (7) S- Vickiel Vaighn: Really nothing to see here, Vaughn lasted a couple seasons on the practice squad and nothing more, he was the 2nd to last pick in the draft


2005: (5) WR- Rasheed Marshall        (7) TE- Billy Bajama               (7) TE- Patrick Estes

Again really nothing to see here, Marshall and Estes really never factored into the 49ers plans at anytime and Billy Bajama was a serviceable back up and blocking TE, until he bolted for the Rams last season


2004: (6) S- Keith Lewis

Was a special teams standout for the 49ers for 5 seasons before leaving for the Arizona Cardinals via free agency last season, he was exactly what you are looking for in a late round compensation pick


2002: (5) DT- Josh Shaw                      (7) DB- Teddy Gaines

Both players showed promise in extended preseason experience but neither developed into anything, Shaw mostly due to injury problems.



Now as you can see the 49ers have fared pretty darn well when it comes to having multiple 1st round selections, i believe this may have something to do with that fact that when a team has two 1st round selections they are expanding their horizons when it comes to who they have on their board. For example, if the 49ers only had one 1st round pick in 2010 we all know what the target would be, offensive line right? Yet with multiple 1st round picks the 49ers are able to open up what they are looking for to include running back, defensive end, corner back and safety. That means that they not only have a lot more options, but they have a lot more possibilities. My my estimations the 49ers are 9-10 (90 percent) in terms of selecting in the 1st round when they have multiple picks. That really does bode well for them come April.


In terms of compensatory selections, the 49ers have really not had much success. Keith Lewis and Billy Bajama have had the most impact, but it does appear that Nate Davis and Curtis Taylor may have broken the mold and will be really strong players for the 49ers for years to come. I understand that we have gone through the draft a lot over the course of the last two months and will only continue to do so more in the coming weeks, but i have decided to take a different outlook on the 49ers previous drafts and how they may affect the 2010 version.


In this the 1st of a couple of editions i have come to the conclusion that the 49ers in most likely hood will acquire two real good, if not great players in the 1st round of this years draft. History has not proven me wrong and i hope it doesn't in 2010.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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