Where will Tebow Land?

I don’t care what people think, but there is no way that Tebow makes it out of the first round in the draft.  Goodell has already invited him to NYC for the draft; you don’t do that unless you know for sure the player is going to get drafted in the first round.  Sure sometimes like Rodgers and Quinn you are waiting around until later in the first round, but you are still going in the first round.


Within a month Tebow was able to change the throwing motion that he had for 4 years at college.  Imagine what he could do with an entire training camp.  Plus he brings with him leadership in the locker room and a HUGE fan base.


So in this post I am going to look at 6 teams that might draft Tebow in the first round of the draft.  I am not going to assume any trades; I am just going with where the team is sitting now.


1. Browns (7th overall):  The Browns need a QB, and Holmgren knows what it takes to develop QBs.  If I remember correctly Holmgren once took a lefty QB that was a cast away and turned him into one of the best QBs of all time (Steve Young.)  What is to say that he couldn’t do the same thing with Tebow?  Delohme is washed up, and Wallace is a good backup, nothing more.  Plus with the 7th pick Bradford and Clausen might be gone.


2. Raiders (8th overall):  This is more of a joke, but so was the drafting of DHB number 7 last year.  Plus the only way the Raiders are going to get something out of Russel is to move him to a DT where he can gobble up O-Line like he eats fast food.  Gradkoski (spelling?) did well last year when they needed him to, but can he stay healthy for a year?  The only thing we know for sure about the Raiders drafting is that we don’t know anything.  So Tebow could possible land here.


3. Bills (9th overall):  The Bills have so many problems and could go a variety of ways here.  I only throw Tebow in because they need a QB as Edwards and Fitzpatrick were just okay last year.  Plus the Bills are in one of the hardest divisions this year.  In the end though I don’t see it happening, but it is a possibility.


4. Jaguars (10th overall):  Let’s face it, Tebow has a bigger fan base then the entire Jaguars organization.  The Jags are in need of a WR, but getting Tebow here would instantly boost tickets sales.  It would actually be the best for the Jags if they drafted everyone on the Gators that they could… but since that isn’t possible they could start with Tebow.


5.  Seahawks (14th overall):  I don’t see the Seahawks taking Tebow with there first pick, but with their second one in the first round they might.  Hasslehoff is one more Patrick Willis hit away from retiring, and the other QB they picked up has never started an NFL game.  Carroll is well aware and what Tebow can do and they need a play maker.


6.  Patriots (22nd overall):  Here is my wildcard pick.  Brady was shaky last year and there is already talk of the Pats dynasty being over.  You can pick up Tebow here and let him learn from Brady for like 2 or 3 years.  Then once Tebow is ready to go, trade away Brady for a bunch of picks while you can get something from him.  This scenario would be like what the 49ers did when they picked up Young.  Again it is a wild card pick, but the Pats are already brining in Tebow for a personal workout.


Well those are the 6 teams I think might take a shot at Tebow.  I know that many people on this site think that he isn’t going to go in the first round, but let’s not talk about that right now.  I want every one who posts a comment to just assume that Tebow will be drafted in the first round.  If you can’t do that then create your own Fan Post.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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