Niners Nation Community Mock Draft #2 (Beginning March 13th, '10)

Hey foks! It's about that time again. With free agency in full swing and some moves that have impacted the draft significantly, I wanted to start the process of the team selections again. I am going to use the list that we had for the last mock draft. Those people will have the first opportunity to participate. However, the list that I provided had a few people that signed up but didn't show, so if you're interested, don't hesitate in putting your name down for it. I am going to be doing team asignments a bit different this time but I will get in to all that later. Furthermore, we will be implementing a few changes (not major ones) but significantly enough to where we can speed up the process from last time. I felt that the last one, the test run if you will, went fairly speedy so these new methods may help get through the rounds even quicker.

So with that being said, here was the list from last time:

Team and User
Seahawks sundaysfinest
Broncos ChesapeakeBay9er
Titans musketeer54
Ravens manraj7
Cowboys hudd07
Panthers thewhizkid
Texans YoungWillis
49ers smileyman
Raiders hellaninersfan
Redskins Sigma
Patriots rlott#42
Saints Andrew9er
Lions Tre9er
Cardinals Diplitomus
Dolphins mat.esty
Chiefs De Stijl
Rams chikmagnet_565
Colts Iwantwinners
Steelers The Sear
Bills foosball4949
Eagles supraman
Falcons chriscream
Browns What you talking bout Willis
Bengals Ramah71
Jets 49er4life
Chargers BEETLE49715
Jaguars MadBum
Packers HaloFanInDC
Giants Price14rays
Vikings Drew K

Like I said above, there were some people that coudn't make it last time and their teams were reasigned. So don't hesitate to sign up, chances are if you're really interested, you'll get a spot.


Note: I will be doing this a bit differently (The team selection process). If you have a specific team that you'd like to represent, go ahead and state the team. Asignements will be done on a first come first serve basis. The teams that remain at the end will be asigned accordingly.

This next one should be very interesting. Thanks ahead of time and thanks to those who participated last time as well. Details The mock will be taking place next Saturday (March 13th) so don't waste anytime and sign up today. Fooch will be updating the board as he did last time to help keep things flowing like he did in the last one as well.


The new details on on the process will be announced later in the week. Stay tuned.



1. HaloFanInDC - Bucs

2. ChesapeakeBay9er - Broncos

3. TexansDC - Texans

4. rlott#42 - Patriots

5. mat.esty - Dolphins

6. chikmagnet_565 - Rams

7. smileyman - Lions

8. Iwantwinners - Redskins

9. hudd07 - Cowboys

10. Mike Hawk - Seahawks

11. Raiders

12. Andrew9er - Jets

13. supraman - Giants

14. niners84 - Eagles

15. 49er4life - Falcons

16. hellaninersfan - Vikings

17. Chargers

18. Chiefs

19. Jaguars

20. Colts

21. Titans

22. manraj7 - Ravens

23. Panthers (2nd Round Only)

24. Dolphins

25. Bills

26. Browns

27. Steelers

28. Cardinals

29. 49ers

30. Packers

31. Saints

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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