Community Mock Roll Call

It is finally here... our very last community mock of the year. I am putting this out to get an idea of who is already here. So far we have 17 teams accounted for, so the remaining teams will need to be claimed in this role call. Hopefully we can get everything set before 11am PST. If we need to start a few minutes late then we will.

Here are the rules that will need to be followed during the draft. They're virtually the same as last time:


NN MOCK DRAFT RULES (Important...Please read thoroughly):

  • The first thing that will happen is I will announce the team that is on the clock (ex: THE ST. LOUIS RAMS ARE ON THE CLOCK.
  • Once you see that, you will have 4 min's to make your selection (not 5 this time). After the initial announcement that your team is on the clock, you will need to state "HERE" to let everyone know you are here for you selection. If you make it to the three minute mark without stating that, other participants will be able to start giving their opinions of who to select. The consensus will be taken in to consideration and I will then make the selection for you once the clock hits zero. If you are a participant and it is not your turn, please wait for the 3 minute mark to begin with your suggestions.
  • The format will be the same as last time in that the only thing that will be allowed in the subject lines is your team selection. Everything else please comment on in the text box.
  • This is how your team selection should appear: (ex.) "WITH THE 33RD SELECTION IN THE 2010 DRAFT, THE ST. LOUIS RAMS SELECT EVERSON GRIFFIN (DE) USC.
  • Fooch will be updating the board as he did last time. Please pay attention to the board so we don't double up on picks.


Note: I have assigned a second team to each participant. Most of you have your original teams but since we don't have 32 people this time around, each person will need to take on two. I encourage you if you have extra time to research a bit to see what your second team's tendencies could be in the draft this year.


Here are the teams that have been assigned so far:

1. rlott#42 - Patriots

2. ChesapeakeBay9ers - Broncos

3. chikmagnet_565 - Rams

4. Andrew Davidson - 49ers

5. Ravens - ChesapeakeBay9er

6. TexansDC - Texans

7. SuspendingBJ - Chargers

8. smileyman - Steelers

9. thewhizkid - Lions

10. HaloFanInDC - Bucs

11. De Stijl - Packers

12. Ninjames - Raiders

13. pwillystyle - Bengals

14. TheColtsAngels - Colts

15. Hoopers Judge - Redskins

16. hudd07 - Cowboys

17. Mike Hawk - Seahawks

18. Luther K - Falcons

19. bayboy - Chiefs

20. Cardinals - Ninjames

21. Panthers (2nd Round Only) - ChesapeakeBay9er

22. Saints - mikev

23. Giants - chikmagnet_565

24. Eagles - thewhizkid

25. Titans - pwillystyle

26. Vikings - Hoopers Judge

27. Jaguars - supraman

28. Browns - mikev

29. Jets - VikesPma

30. Dophins - rlott#42

31. Bills - Andrew Davidson

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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