Best Case Scenario and Praying To The NFL Gods




I decided that it would be fun to post a mock draft based on the best possible scenario for the 49ers. I understand that the likely hood of this happening isn't too great, but it remains a possibility nonetheless. Many different factors play into the possibility of certain players falling. In 2009, no one expected Michael Crabtree to be available with the 10th pick, some even had him going as high as #3, this even on draft day. This mock will include "legitimate" reasons why certain players will fall to the 49ers, and it is based on where they are ranked overall and at each position as well as team needs. I am not going to throw out theories like Eric Berry falling to the 4th round, i am going to remain here on earth, at least to some extent.

1.   FS- Eric Berry                    Tennessee

Berry falling to 13 seems like a real stretch at this point, but based on team needs this could happen. Cleveland would be the team i am most worried about selecting Berry, but they are in serious discussions with the Rams for the #1 overall pick. If this happens that changes the entire draft board up until the 49ers selection. Cleveland would select Bradford #1 and both Detroit and Tampa Bay would go defensive line, Washington would select Okung and the Rams and Kansas City would select Brian Bulaga to fill its gaping offensive line need. The Seahawks would then select Trent Williams to fill their tackle need and St. Louis would go for the QB they have wanted this entire time, Jimmy Clausen. Oakland in my opinion would reach for Taylor Mays, as we all know where Al Davis stands on athleticism and potential.


This is how it would play out

1. Cleveland                           QB- Sam Bradford

2. Detroit                                  DT- Nda Suh

3. Tampa Bay                         DT- Gerald Mccoy

4. Washington                       OT- Russell Okung

5. Kansas City                       OT- Brian Bulaga

6. Seattle                                OT- Trent Williams

7. St. Louis                            QB- Jimmy Clausen

8. Oakland                               S- Taylor Mays

9. Buffalo                                OT- Anthony Davis

10. Jacksonville                    LB- Rolando Mcclain

11. Denver                             OL- Mike Iupati

12. Miami                               DT- Dan Williams


1.   RB- CJ Spiller                   Clemson

This isn't as much of a stretch as Berry falling to 13, and i fully expect Spiller to be available at 17. If the top 13 picks play out like i listed above Seattle would then change its focus to replace both Patrick Kerney and Daryl Tapp at the defensive end position and select Derek Morgan. The Giants would address their most vulnerable position, CB, and select Joe Haden, Tennessee needs pass rush and would go for Jason Pierre-Paul from South Florida.

14. Seattle                              DE- Derek Morgan

15. New York                         CB- Joe Haden

16. Tennessee                      DE- Jason Pierre-Paul


2.   CB- Kyle Wilson                Boise State

Keep in mind that this is the best possible scenario for the 49ers heading into draft day. Some mocks have Wilson going as high as Pittsburgh at 18, while other mocks have him falling to the middle 2nd round, i obviously like the latter better. Multiple teams have a need at CB before the 49ers select at 49. St. Louis, Detroit, Kansas City and New England all have needs at CB prior to the 49ers selection in the 2nd round, but i can see all of them going in another direction. The Rams will have two picks at the start of the 2nd round but i could see them going all offense with those picks, selecting Golden Tate or Damaryious Thomas at the top of the 2nd round makes sense, as does going with a tackle such as Roger Saffold with the pick acquired from the Browns. Detroit has been filling up at the CB position during free agency and in trades and may be more inclined to address other needs such as defensive end, Everson Griffin may be a possibility here. Kansas City needs a pass rush and more receiver help, so i see them addressing corner later in the draft. New England has three 2nd round picks, so i see them going with BPA here and that would be Jahvid Best or Jerry Hughes.


3.   OT- Jared Veldheer          Hillsdale

Projected to be a late 2nd round pick, i could see Veldheer falling to the 3rd. Many teams decided to go with that offensive line need early in the 1st round so we will see a drop off at that position come later in the draft, i just hope that it is with Veldheer and not later.

4.     G- Mike Johnson            Alabama

A lot of teams have questions in regards to what Johnson will actually bring to the table in the NFL, some mocks have him projected to be a 2nd round pick, while other drafts have him falling to the 4th. It would benefit the 49ers if those questions remained in the head of other NFL front offices in regards to Mike Johnson.


6.   LB- Dexter Davis              Florida State

6.   DE- Jermaine Cunningham   Florida

7.   CB- Donovan Warren       Michigan


Obviously this would be an amazing draft, but don't count on it. That said, it does remain a possibility. If the 49ers were able to pull this off it would go down as one of their best in recent history. Lets all prey to the NFL gods over the next couple days and hope these players fall into our laps much like Crabtree did in 2009.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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