Bayboy's 2010 1st round Mock Draft:Includes 49ers' 1st -3rd round possible selections & explanations

    With 4 days and counting until this year's draft I wanted to post this last draft to get a sense of what others might feel a reach may be and to evaluate myself on how close I can get to the actual picks. So enjoy and go at it....


     1 (1)    Rams- Sam Bradford QB                     
    2 (2)    Lions- Ndamukong Suh DT                    
    3 (3)    Buccaneers- Gerald McCoy DT                
    4 (4)    Redskins - Trent Williams OT                
    5 (5)    Chiefs- Rolando McClain ILB                         
    6 (6)    Seahawks - Russell Okung LT                      
    7 (7)    Browns- Eric Berry S                  
    8 (8)    Raiders - Bruce Campbell OT              
    9 (9)     Bills - Bryan Bulaga OT                   
    10 (10) Jaguars - Joe Haden CB                        
    11 (11) Eagles from Broncos via Bears - Earl Thomas S     
    12 (12) Dolphins- Dan Williams NT                           
    13 (13) Broncos from 49es via Eagles-Maurkice Pouncey C/OG                    
    14 (14) Seahawks(From Broncos) - C.J. Spiller RB                
    15 (15) Giants    - Mike Iupati OG              
    16 (16) Titans    - Derrick Morgan DE                     
    17 (17) 49ers (From Panthers)- Devin McCourty CB                        
    18 (18) Steelers     - Anthony Davis LT                       
    19 (19) Falcons    -  Pierre-Paul DE                   
    20 (20) Texans    - Ryan Matthews RB                         
    21 (21) Bengals    - Jermaine Gresham TE                        
    22 (22) Patriots    - Dez Bryant WR Brandon Graham OLB                         
    23 (23) Packers    - Kyle Wilson CB                                 
    24 (24) 49ers from Broncos via Eagles (and 45th pick)- Rodger Saffold OT                 
    25 (25) Ravens    - Jared Odrick DT                       
    26 (26) Cardinals    - Charles Brown OT                          
    27 (27) Cowboys    -  Terrence Cody NT                              
    28 (28) Chargers    - Taylor Mays S                            
    29 (29) Jets    -  Sergio Kindle OLB                     
    30 (30) Vikings    - Jimmy Clausen QB                
    31 (31) Colts    -   Brian Price DT             
    32 (32) Saints    - Sean Weatherspoon OLB


After the jump I have the 49ers picks from rounds 1-3 with explanations of why they would be the best pick and  trade. Also for rounds 4-7 I see players taken from the following positions: OLB, CB (again), and RB maybe even a FB (Manase Tonga)

17- Devin McCourty (CB): 5'11" 193- McCourty has the best potential of all CBs, his size and speed
will help in our dime and nickle sets right away especially when going against ARI and SEA
twice a year. He's the #2 rated CB in the draft behind Haden according to

24-  Rodger Saffoldd (OT): 6'5" 316- Look for Singletary's evaluation of the line and his smash mouth
ideals to be considered with this pick. Saffold will be starting on the right side reshaping of this line. If the Broncos and Eagles make the trade for Earl Thomas, the Broncos might be calling us to get back up to 13 and select Pouncey. We know the GIants need help inside and the Titans might be without Mawae next year so C would be a crucial need for them too.... this is why I propose this trade would end up happening.

45- Anthony Levine (S) It's been reported that Levine had the best numbers for a safety if he had been invited to the combine. He would ultimately be moved to FS while Goldson will move to SS when Lewis retires.

49-  Brandon Spikes (ILB): 6'3" 249- Spikes may not have the speed people expected him to possess but his footbal IQ is off the roof and will be reunited with his cousin making his attitude and possible behavior to be adjusted for the better include Coach Sing's LB workouts and attitude control and Spikes could become a steal at this spot. Brandon would be ideal to back up his cousin and take over after Takeo retires.

79-  John Jerry (OG): 6'5" 332- Jerry will compete with Baas and Chilo for starting job at G position. They always push the competition explanation for bringing in new guys. Jerry will push real hard for a starting spot.


As you can see these picks focus on improving the major positions of need. They can all be starters if they out perform current members of the 49ers or injuries were to happen (KNOCKING ON WOOD). Competition is healthy for everyone, it will ultimately push for excellence. We have been faithfully waiting for winners, now we find ourselves in the beginning stages of another golden era. IMO this year's draft should help push the team over the edge and join the elite teams once again.LET GO NINERS!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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