Plans for Draft Day

As some of you know, I make a big deal out of the NFL draft.  Actually, my friends and I make a big deal out of the NFL draft.  While I don't spend a much time as many of you researching the draft, making mock drafts, etc, I probably spend more time planning the day of the draft as an event.  It all started several years ago when I was living in Seattle.  A few of my friends were up there at the time, and we got together on draft day for some early morning drinking and draft watching.  Every year since we've made the draft a bigger and more unforgettable experience.  Last year we went up to Davis to spend the whole weekend partying and draft watching - including making our own big board, and a healthy amount of drunken NN commenting. Here's the story from my buddy's now defunct blog.  We love Saturday draft day.  Or at least we used to.  Now the NFL has ruined everything.


We all work.  We won't all be able to be home by Thursday at 4:30 - or even 5:30.  There's no way we can all watch the draft live, together.  So we're going on media blackout.  We're gonna all take the day off on Friday and get together late Thursday night to begin the revelry.  We'll DVR the draft, get up early Friday morning and watch round 1, pretending it's Saturday.  We'll then roll right into round 2 at 3 pm.  I will probably be extremely intoxicated.  Sadly I won't be able to contribute my vitriol (or praise should the Niners do something right) during the open threads or recaps on Thursday.  But I'll keep a diary going so I can share my thoughts as they happened with all of you later on.  The challenge will be to avoid hearing about what happened.  I plan to turn off the computer and cell phone and not look at them until after we've watched the tape of round 1.  Thursday night we'll have to be very careful to not have the TV on any channel that might show anything related to the draft.  We'll probably limit ourselves to movies and video games.


So what are your plans for the draft Niners Nation?  After the jump I'll give some of my thoughts about this year's draft:

Been reading a lot about the draft today and I'm getting very excited!  Lots of question marks and a million ways it could all play out.  There are gong to be some BIG trades, just watch.  I didn't put it in my mock, but I think Denver taking Dez Bryant is very probable.  Don Banks has the Niners landing Haden and Jimmy Clausen (house burns down). I don't hate the idea of the Niners going for their QBOTF in this draft, but WE NEED A [site decorum] TACKLE.

The Bills and Jags are going to very important - if the Bills take Clausen or not will really shake things up.  The Jags could move down, or take a variety of players.  There's a lot that will be decided based on what those teams do.

I now believe it is not just the Bills and Jaguars, but the Raiders who hold the keys to this draft.  If they don't overdraft Bruce Campbell he might not even go in the first round!  They could go for Pierre-Paul since he's an athletic freak.  What they do will have a HUGE impact on the rest of the draft.  Revised prediction: Tim Tebow. 

Also, look out for New England - they have 12 picks. TWELVE.  Including 3 in the 2nd round.  Most of their picks are compensatory picks at the end of the draft, but still.  The have the ammo to move up, WAY up, if there's a player they really want.

Can't wait to see what happens.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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