Arena Football Week 1

Tonight's the big night! At 6:05 pm MST, Arena Football makes it's debut on the NFL Network. We already hit up some of the major highlights, but I wanted to throw up a fanpost so that those who are watching the game (probably just me) can talk about it here.


The Chicago Rush is the pre-season favorite, barely beating out the #2 Tama Bay Storm. Iowa didn't make the top 10.


AFLWA TOP 8 POLL (Preseason)

Rk. Team [1st Place] W-L Pts. Pvs. This week

1. Chicago     [2]       0-0   53    —     at Iowa

2. Tampa Bay (1)       0-0   50   —    at Tulsa

3. Dallas        (4)       0-0   49   —      Open

4. Cleveland   (1)       0-0   36   —  vs. Arizona

5. Orlando                 0-0   31   —       Open

6. Spokane     (1)       0-0   30   —  vs. Milwaukee

7. Milwaukee   (1)       0-0    28  —      at Spokane

8. Arizona                  0-0   19   —     at Cleveland




Chicago Rush at Iowa Barnstormers 
April 02, 2010 - 8:05 PM





There's also a late game on that starts at 9:00PM (MST), but it will only be broadcast on local tv (though it wouldn't surprise me if it were picked up to be replayed on ESPN 2.

Milwaukee Iron at Spokane Shock 



The other four games are tomorrow

I wanted to quickly highlight a few of the rule differences in AFL vs the NFL



  • The field is much shorter at 150 feet long, 85 feet wide. The endzone is 8 yards deep. 
  • Missed field goals and PATs are considered live balls--there are nets on the posts that cause balls to bounce back into the field of play
  • The sideline is only about 6" wide. A player is only out of bounds if he's pushed and hits the stands or goes into them
  • Teams are limited to 20 men on their roster so you'll see a lot of two-way play
  • Ball is kicked from the goal line
  • No punting (field is too short)
  • Ball is caught with one foot in bounds (just like college)
  • If a ball bounces of the nets it's still live
  • Scoring is the same with the exception of the dropkick which is worth 4 points (or two points if done after a TD)
  • Time usage is pretty similar but it's a 1 minute warning instead of 2. Additionally if a team is leading in the final minute of the 4th quarter the clock stops if a team fails to advance the ball past the line of scrimmage--this is designed to stop the kneel down.
  • OT rules--each team gets one possession. The team ahead after both possessions wins. If it's still tied it goes to sudden death.

Tomorrow's games

Alabama @ Bossier 6:05 PM

Arizona @ Cleveland 7:00 PM

Tampa Bay @ Tulsa 8:00 PM

Jax @OK City 8:05 PM    

(All times are Eastern)


Rec this up so we can keep all the AFL stuff in one place. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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