Create Your 49ers-Drafted Starting Lineups

Tre's note: Since there has been some confusion (ahem, Smileyman, DrewK...) about the purpose of this post...Please create a starting lineup of ONLY PLAYERS DRAFTED BY THE 49ERS (or signed as Un Drafted Free Agents)

Mike Sando was kind enough to provide me with a list of current 49ers players who were drafted by the team.  I thought it was interesting when I looked at the list, just how young and talented this group of guys was. 

It's also interesting to remind ourselves when and where some of our current players were drafted, like Dashon Goldson in the 4th round of 2007, Eric Heitmann in the 7th round of 2002.  These are key starters who are arguably going to get some pro-bowl consideration if all goes well in 2010.

Lastly, projecting my variation of the starting offense would have Eric Heitmann as the oldest player at 30, followed by Frank Gore at 26 (as of today).  This is a heck of a core the 49ers have built.

After the jump I'll post the list of 49ers draftees still with the team.  My idea is to create your own starting lineup using just the guys drafted by the 49ers (below).  Since the 49ers aren't huge into free agency (a sign that they like their draft picks and do a pretty decent job of it, at least lately) this kinda gives us a view into the potential future of the team's makeup.

Name P1 Age College Yr Rd. Pick
Adams, Phillip CB 21.7 S.Carolina St. 2010 7 224
Smith, Reggie FS 23.6 Oklahoma 2008 3 75
Goldson, Dashon FS 25.6 Washington 2007 4 126
Brown, Tarell LCB 25.3 Texas 2007 5 147
Spencer, Shawntae RCB 28.1 Pittsburgh 2004 2 58
Mays, Taylor S 22.2 USC 2010 2 49
Taylor, Curtis S 24.7 LSU 2009 7 219
Balmer, Kentwan DE 23.5 N.Carolina 2008 1 29
McDonald, Ray DE 25.6 Florida 2007 3 97
Sopoaga, Isaac DE 28.6 Hawaii 2004 4 104
Jean-Francois, Ricky DT 23.4 LSU 2009 7 244
Willis, Patrick ILB 25.2 Mississippi 2007 1 11
McKillop, Scott ILB 24.1 Pittsburgh 2009 5 146
Bowman, Navorro LB 21.9 Penn St. 2010 3 91
Lawson, Manny OLB 25.8 N.C. St. 2006 1 22
Haralson, Parys OLB 26.2 Tennessee 2006 5 140
Wallace, Cody C 25.4 Texas A&M 2008 4 107
Heitmann, Eric C 30.1 Stanford 2002 7 239
Iupati, Mike LG 22.9 Idaho 2010 1 17
Baas, David LG 28.5 Michigan 2005 2 33
Staley, Joe LT 25.6 C.Michigan 2007 1 28
Rachal, Chilo RG 24.1 USC 2008 2 39
Davis, Anthony RT 20.5 Rutgers 2010 1 11
Snyder, Adam RT 28.2 Oregon 2005 3 94
Smith, Alex QB 25.9 Utah 2005 1 1
Davis, Nate QB 22.9 Ball St. 2009 5 171
Gore, Frank RB 26.9 Miami 2005 3 65
Coffee, Glen RB 22.9 Alabama 2009 3 74
Robinson, Michael RB 27.2 Penn St. 2006 4 100
Dixon, Anthony RB 22.5 Mississippi St. 2010 6 173
Jennings, Brian LS 33.5 Arizona St. 2000 7 230
Lee, Andy P 27.7 Pittsburgh 2004 6 188
Davis, Vernon TE 26.2 Maryland 2006 1 6
Walker, Delanie TE 25.7 C.Missouri St. 2006 6 175
Byham, Nate TE 21.8 Pittsburgh 2010 6 182
Crabtree, Michael WR 22.6 Texas Tech 2009 1 10
Hill, Jason WR 25.1 Washington St. 2007 3 76
Morgan, Josh WR 24.8 Virginia Tech 2008 6 174
Williams, Kyle WR 21.7 Arizona St. 2010 6 206

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