Alex Smith incompletion tracker part 1

We've had the sack tracker and the interception tracker. Now I want to do the incomplete tracker.  The basic idea is to see why Alex threw incomplete passes. Were they dropped by his receivers, did he get pressured, did he have to throw it away because no one was open or did he just make bad throws?

Basically I just used the Game Rewind (one of my favorite things ever), and started with the second half of the Houston football game. These are picture intensive so I'm only going to be doing these for two games at a time until we're done. I downloaded the game books for the Houston and Indianapolis games to get the information I needed.

Below the jump is a brief summary of each drive and screen captures (as best as I could get) for each incomplete pass. 


Alex's adjusted completion rate for the two games is 49/54. Read through the post to know what I mean by that. 

49ers @ Houston


1st Drive
Alex's first drive was a thing of beauty. Run for -2 yards, Pass to Crabtree for 17 yards, run for no gain, run for 9 yards, 29 yard TD throw to VD. Three defensive offside penalties as well


2nd drive
Run for 3 yards, run for 1 yard, delay of game, pass to VD for 4 yards, punt.


3rd drive
Scramble for 11 yards, Gore up the middle for 7, Gore up the middle for 4, pass to VD for 8 yards, pass to Bruce for 1 yard, pass to Crabtree for 6 yards, Gore up the middle for 3 yards, incomplete to to VD. 17 yard pass to Josh Morgan, 14 yard TD pass to VD

Ist Incomplete
Shotgun formation, three wide receivers. Alex drops back, see his open guy and lets loose and it's batted down.




4th Drive
Incomplete, 12 yard pass to Morgan, incomplete to VD, complete to VD for 9, complete to Crabtree for 11, complete to Morgan for 23, complete to VD for 23 for a TD

2nd incomplete
M-Rob and Gore in the backfield, Shotgun formation Morgan comes around like it's going to be an end around, Robinson goes out for a short pass. Alex gets pressured immediately and scrambles right. Has a defender on him as he gets rid of the ball.




3rd incomplete
Wragge brought in as a tackle eligible. Everybody in tight like a run. Under center, Gore in the backfield. VD peels off and goes out. The pass is knocked down by the DB.


Good pocket, good release. 



Great defense. 




5th Drive
Complete to Morgan for 10 yards, incomplete to Gore, complete to Bruce for 22 yards, spike, incomplete to Bruce, scrambles for 5 yards, hail mary down the middle intercepted.

4th incomplete. Under center. Alex drops back, gets flushed and rolls right and lobs it at Gore. Overthrown so Gore has no chance at it. 


Good roll out, open man, dumps off the ball. 



Way over thrown. 



5th incomplete. Shotgun. Pressure immediately. Has defenders draped on him so he has to get rid of it. 


Collapsed pocket, about to get sacked.



Throws into the sidelines. 



Summary:  Alex's statline for this game was 15 of 22 for 206 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT. He was also sacked 2 times. Of the incomplete passes two of them were spikes, one was batted down at the LOS, one was knocked down by the DB and he had to throw away two to avoid a sack. There was only one incomplete pass in this game that was a result of a bad throw by him. Adjusted stat line 21/22. 




49ers @ Colts


1st Drive
Run for 6, run for 1, incomplete to VD.

1st incomplete
Pass was on the money, VD had one foot out of bounds when he caught it.


Little bit of pressure as Alex was throwing, but not bad. 




Right on the money to VD but he didn't tap the second foot. 




2nd Drive
Pass to Bruce for 6 yards, 64 yard TD run by Gore


3rd Drive
sack for -3 yards (Heitmann steps on Alex's foot), run for -1 yard, incomplete to Gore

2nd incomplete. Pressure was coming almost immediately. Alex was fighting off a sack and dumped the ball to avoid the sack.





4th Drive
3 yard run, pass to Bruce for 13, incomplete to Crabtree, complete to Crabtree for 12 yards, intercepted


3rd incomplete
quick bubble screen to Crabtree that was right on the money but Crabtree dropped it.


Decent protection (but it was basically a snap and instant throw)



In and Out




5th Drive
Run up the middle for 1 yard, run up the middle for 3 yards, pass to VD for 2.


6th Drive
Incomplete to Norris, run up the middle for 2, scramble for 10 yards.

4th incomplete. Showing run from under center. Alex drops back, Norris goes out for a quick pass. Alex was right on the money and Norris dropped it. In and out of his arms.


Basically same idea as the Crabtree drop. Play screams run because Norris is in and the protection is good.



In and Out again. 




7th Drive
Gore off left side for 2, incomplete to Bruce, complete to Crabtree for 12 yards

5th incomplete. Under center. Smith drops back, pump fakes to the left, rolls to the right and nobody was open. Had to throw it away.


Rolls out to buy time, nobody open so he throws it away. 




8th Drive
Pass to Crabtree for 27 yards, pass to Bruce for 12 yards, pass to VD for 10 yards, incomplete to VD, Pass to Gore for 15 yards, pass to Gore for 4 yards, pass to VD for 8 yards and a TD.

6th incomplete. Hurry up offense. In shotgun. VD coming across the middle. Alex led him too much.


Good protection, nice pocket. 








9th Drive
Gore up the middle for 2, Pass to Gore for 7, Norris up the middle for 3, Gore -1 yard. Pass to Gore for 10, Norris up the middle for 1. Incomplete to Bruce, Pass to Crabtree for 2 yards who fumbles it.

7th incomplete. Under center. Nobody open initially. Alex rolls left, sees Bruce across the middle and throws just behind Bruce who was able to get a hand on it but that's about it.


Fuzzy shot but Alex is just south of the 40 yard line when he lets go. 



As you can see the ball is just behind Bruce. 




10th Drive
Gore off left tackle for 3, Norris off left guard for no gain, incomplete to Morgan.

8th incomplete. 3rd and 7. Shotgun. Smith pressured immediately and has a defender on his ankles as he gets rid of the ball to avoid a sack.


Hard to throw a completion when a defensive lineman is grabbing your ankles. 



11th Drive
Incomplete to Bruce, complete to Crabtree for 11, complete to Bruce for 20, Gore up the middle for 7, Coffee up the middle for 8, incomplete to Coffee, complete to Morgan for 3, sack for -8 yards

9th incomplete. 1st and 10. Under center. Alex drops back. decent protection, lets loose and it's right on the money to Bruce but he doesn't hang on to it.


Really good pocket here. Alex does a good job of stepping into for the throw. 



Right on the money to Bruce but he doesn't hang on to it. 




12th Drive
Gore up the middle no gain, pass to Gore for 7 yards, sack for 0 yards, pass to Crabtree for 17 yards, incomplete to Crabtree, incomplete to Bruce, sacked for -5 yards.

10th incomplete. Under center. Good drop back, decent protection. Crabtree gets past the first down marker and Alex over throws him by quite a bit.


Good protection again. 



Hard to see where the ball is at but it's at the 49 yard line along the sideline. Way overthrown. 




11th incomplete. Under center again. Drops back, decent protection. Overthrows Bruce by a good bit.



Lucky it wasn't intercepted here




Summary: Alex's stat line for the game was 19/32 for 198 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT and 4 sacks.  There were three drops by three different receivers, there was another pass that VD caught but didn't tap his other foot in bounds. Alex had to throw three away to avoid a sack. Of the incompletes in this game only four were due to poor throws. 

Adjusted stat line is 28/32. 



There are two sides to Alex that I've seen from these two games. There's the cool, cerebral Alex who makes smart decisions and throws the ball on the money. Then there's the Alex who starts feeling a bit of the pressure in big drives and starts letting the adrenaline or whatever get to him so he's not quite as collected.

The QB we want to see is the first--if he can master that he'll be great. 


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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