"In The Front Office We Trust"

The Government is not to be trusted, The New York police department is not to be trusted, heck even your homeboy of 10+ years is not to be trusted around your beautiful lover if and for some reason you are not around(lord help you if there is binging involved). All of this is agreed and understood in the world of who to trust and who not to trust in our world.  But in the sports world? I think we all can agree that their are some sports organizations that you simply can not  and shall not trust when they speak. Most of them will blow smoke up the medias butt, their contracted players butts and especially the fans butt if for no reason other than sh*tz and giggles.

I am one who never trusts easily and sometimes not at all people who I do not know or even care to know. I too did not trust the 49ers front office when the Michael Crabtree situation was going on. Who knew what was really going on behind the scene? No one did other than those involved. Who knew if they were going to hire Coach Mike Singletary  as full time coach after  the letting go of Coach Mike Nolan? Who knows the truth behind the real reasons as to why  the now Ex-GM Scot Mccloughan and the 49ers F.O parted ways?  They said it was Family related? Can we trust that?  Who knows but I know this dear reader; I'm trusting them more when they speak and heres why.

After Coach Mike Singletary took over as Head Coach i started to wonder how much of an impact could he have not only on the players but the entire 49ers organization. I started to trust Coach Mike Singletary in every word that came out of his mouth in his  press conferences and after game media frenzies if for no other reason other than his character.  I started to believe in his half-truths(if you are doubtful) solely on the fact of the MAN he portrayed to me. Here is one thing that I now realize after the trading of Donovan Mcnabb. The 49ers organization isn't two-stepping;  they are marching to the beat of their own drum and for that  I applaude.

I trust the Yorks with the plan that they forsee for the team. The 49ers made a statement that said " as of right now they were happy with what they have in Alex Smith" or something to that extent. There were many people who only took that as face value and always tried to read inbetween the lines.

The 49ers did not make a play for Mr. Mcnabb because if they had you can be rest assured he would be playing in the NFC West this year instead of the NFC East. Do I trust them 100%? I don't trust GOD 100% sometimes so, no; I don't. But I trust that they know better than I on the vision they have set for the 49ers future(I like this York Fella).

The last two years the 49ers have shown the ability of remaining firm in decisions and their core beliefs. The F.O. has said that they will not change the draft board very much. Do you trust that? I do. The 49ers said they would not be big spenders through Free agency and that they will build around the players on their team by the draft. Do you trust that? I now do.

The 49ers have decided to take all the what ifs out of the equation that they can without having to start over. They stuck with Coach Raye again to give continuity to the offense so that they can see if Alex Smith can do it. They are going to resign their core players just like they said they are going to do. The 49ers are staying focused on what has been working so far. The sign of something working is called progression and the 49ers as a team have progressed each year.

I write all of this to say that maybe its time for the 49er faithful to finally get behind the vision of the F.O. Yes it would be nice to have people in place  that belief in upgrading needed positions every year with play-makers. But that formula has not worked very well in most sports. As a fan it does makes you feel good to know that your owner and GM are trying their best. But from a person who is a manager in a up and coming organization here in Richmond, Virginia; it makes me feel good to see a company/business commit to not only its employees but to its vision.

That makes your personnel more eager  to work for you and believe in you. No one can move forward very well when looking over their backs. To watch a major organization such as the 49ers go about business in a smart way leads me to trust them more. They have proven to be respectable and dedicated in what they believe and THAT goes a long way and it should be respected. Does that translate to more wins? Not really and sadly in the world of a sports fan that is all that matters.

Will they prove me to be the "village idiot"? Only time will tell "my friends" but I know I can't be the only one ready to trust this F.O. Am I? How much of an impact do you think Coach Singletary has had on the entire organization? Is that too much credit to give him?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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