A Thank You Post

A lot of things are taken for granted in our lives... small things, everyday things. One thing that I realized not too long ago is that small things, some of them, can be big things to a variety of different people. And vice versa. There are people from all walks of life, from all over the world that visit this great website for information and entertainment. I am very privelaged and lucky to be a part of such an awesome thing.

The 49ers have been a part of my life since early childhood and I am sure that is similar for a lot of you. A winning tradition has been engraved into this franchise and in to our hearts for a very long time now. Since 1946, there have been numerous, countless, players with great athletic ability showcase their skills before our very own eyes. It seems as though they are making a strong push to provide us with that winning tradition again after a bit of a drought.

So, you may be asking at this point, what exactly am I getting at? What is the purpose of the post? Well, to put it simply, the purpose of this post is just to show my thanks and gratitude in being able to contibute in the light that I have been put in. Being a front page author is an honor and huge privelage and I'm not taking it for granted. I am able to reach several people from all walks of life in the things I am able to contribute. There are several websites out there dedicated to the 49ers, but Niners Nation is "bar-none" (thanks W. Floyd for giving the saying a deeper meaning) the best website in the world 49ers related.

I have had my fair share of tangles with some of the users on this site (you know who you are)... as you know, I bring passion to the table and sweep the remaining debris under the rug. But to each and everyone of you... I do respect you, even if I am disagreeing and I am thankful for ALL of you. Without you, the site would be nothing... even the random KSWOF users.

To go in to it even further, I look up to each and every writer/ editor/ moderator on this site. Each one of you brings a unique and creative angle. Florida Danny... thank you for providing us with the advanced statistical analysis in many different areas, I don't understand all of it, but the more and more I take the time to educate myself with your posts, the more I realize how much you actually do in the time you take. Ninjames... you bring great pieces of very relative information to us each and EVERYDAY and your new site (Eureka 49ers) is going to get alot of attention (so far it's really good... it surely doesn't go unoticed... at least by me). drummer... you are one of the most creative, unique writers on the site; the articles you write are very intirguing and fun to read (when you grace us with your presence). smileyman... you bring a wide variety of perspective in many different areas all with great insight; the site just wouldn't be the same without you and I am glad that you were brought on shortly after I was. urnext... each week during the season you bring us spectacular, very in-depth breakdowns, your articles benefit the site significantly; your offseason posts have been just as significant (really liked the most recent one). Josh... your perspective on free agency has been second to none, your hard work and research has been very beneficial to me and I am sure several others. HTS... what can I say? You bring a TON to the site (mostly when baseball season isn't going on and you aren't at McCovey Chronicles, haha)... but seriously, you do, so thanks. Your year history review posts have brought back so many memories (both good and bad), your contributions, even if just commenting, are nice to have... you would be missed if you stopped coming around for some reason. Andrew D... we both have awesome names (lol), no really, when you are able to post or comment I definitely pay attention, keep up the good work! wjackalope, thanks for all the funny, creative, and otherwise graphics that you come up with. I have laughed several times at some of the classic pics you've put together. Sorry for the BIG BLOCK OF TEXT... I feel like I should wrap this up before Kanye West comes and steals the mic from me............... I feel like I am forgetting someone... not sure who.... oh well... maybe it will come to me after I hit post.... OH WAIT!... how could I forget (((haha)))... Fooch... the work, the people, the writers you've brought on, everything that you have done with this site is nothing short of spectacular. The selection of writers that you've chosen is nothing short of an an all-star cast. However, your posts are better to read than anything Matt Barrows or Matt Maiocco (Mr. Cliche) could ever write, at least in my opinion. When I first started posting here, I was wearing my Harry Caray-Coke-Bottle-Homeristic glasses and we butted heads a bit... but I am able to look at things with more clear vision now, thanks to you. Without a Fooch or Mr. Fucillo (attorney at law... soon), that would not have been possible. And without a Fooch, the thousands of people that visit Niners Nation would not be able to... you are the Michael Jordan, the Hank Aaron, the Joe Montana of Niners blogging. So thank you for that.

And again, to all the Niners Nation bloggers out there, whether your an occasional commentor, an occasional reader, or regular... Thanks for making this site what it is!

The 49ers are on the way up and they need ALL the 49ER-FAITHFUL support they can get in the years ahead. We are all Niner fans and "I am very excited" (my inner-Singletary) for the upcoming seasons ahead of us. So cheers to Niners Nation, the best damn sports blog in existence!!!

Feel free to post what you are thankful for sports related.... or just anything else in general.

No drummer.... this isn' the equivelant to the Jerry Maguire "Mission Statement" Post... just had to beat ya to the punch!


Notable thanks to (if any of you guys even read the blog here):

Patrick Willis (the best Inside Linebacker in the NFL, and the 2010-'11 Defensive MVP... heart of a lion)

Alex Smith (for hanging in there, I have a feeling you're gonna shut 'em up this year)

Frank Gore

Vernon Davis

The Oline (and thanks in advance to Davis and Iupati, you better pay up! stay up! and play up!)

Abrayo Franklin

TKO ...Spikes

Nate...... haha NOT DAVIS... Clements (Show everyone you are worth the $$$)

Michael Crabtree (Future Pro-Bowler)

Josh Morgan (you try)

Shawntae Spencer

Dashon Goldson (for making us all look bad on Mother's Day)

Delanie Walker

The Outside Linebacking Commitee

Sopoaga (you try)

Justin "Cowboy" Smith (I can't believe you still have a motor like that at your age, you're like a souped up '57 Chevy)

.......and all the free agents, rookies and younger players. YOU ARE OUR FUTURE!!

And of course... I cant forget Mike Singletary... thank you and your coaching staff... sincerely. You are restoring the tradition we've all been longing for, for some time now. Also... Jed... thank you for being different than your father and actually caring, most of us can tell. (P.S. find a G.M... please... a real one with a good resume).

Give us a season we can brag about. We're here in the trenches for you guys... and we're the ones who take the heat when you mess up. Make us proud!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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