Saturday Swing Around SB Nation: Blog Huddle

It's Saturday, which means it's time for me to take you around SB Nation with another blog profile. Today, however, will be a little different. I'll still profile a blog, but I also am going to link to all of my previous Saturday Swings so you can read them if you've missed them, and read them again if you didn't miss them.

SB Nation currently has 253 blogs.. probably more since I believe a few of them are unlisted. That's an awful lot of blogs. An awful lot of people dedicated to bringing you top quality content. Sure, some are better than others, and I obviously can't vouch for every blog being the best of quality, but I do know that most of what I've seen so far have illustrated nothing less than an utter commitment to quality for their readers, regardless of differing strategies to provide such content.

Today I'm looking at Blog Huddle, a blog about, well, SB Nation. Make the jump to read about it, hear me out, and get the links to the rest of my Saturday Swings.

Editor: Tyler Bleszinski

You always see me talking (in these posts) about the number of blogs, which of course means a number of communities, and it's because it's true. Just about every one of these blogs has a community not unlike our own. There's a blog for each team in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and so much more. Each of those blogs has posts going up daily, discussions via fanposts going up daily, and a dedicated editor or two or six behind the blog.

Behind ALL of that is a very solid crew with SBNation. We've got a good dev team, we've got good everything pretty much. The best sports blog network of its kind, to be sure. I'm of the opinion that it's always good to keep up to date on the state of this site. Did you know that some other blogs have players who post there regularly? How about the SBNation got some time with Roger Goodell around draft time?

It's worth noting the milestones that SB Nation reaches, for what are technically "blogs" and not official things, SB Nation gets a fair amount of respect and it's growing each day. Over at Blog Huddle, they take a look at the state of SB Nation, highlighting articles that are important for the site and its future. They highlight unique posts as well, it's all around just a good place to check in every now and then, there's some really cool stuff to be seen on these blogs, and Blog Huddle is pretty spot on with covering good posts. Check it out here. 

As promised, here are my past Saturday Swings.

Waggle Room (Golf)
Uncommon Sportsman (Uncommon Sports)
Bloody Elbow (Mixed Martial Arts)
Inhistoric (Sports History)
Fear the Fin (Hockey)
Mocking the Draft (Draft)
The Daily Forehand (Tennis)
Ridiculous Upside (NBA D-League)
Fake Teams (Fantasy Sports)
Bad Left Hook and The Boxing Bulletin (Boxing)
Daily Soccer Fix (Soccer)

Enjoy your lunch folks, and let's hope that SB Nation keeps growing.. and let's continue to make Niners Nation the best blog here, yeah?

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